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In today’s rapidly growing world, we need more people in almost every field of work whether it’s medical or business. Aside from the need for jobs, people are now increasingly turning to find new jobs, especially the youth, after completion of their studies. As the opportunities for new jobs grow, more and more people are now turning to the field of dentistry. Why should you be a dentist? There are multiple reasons for choosing this field because there multiple challenges that come, but the rewards are plentiful as well. If you’re in search of a dental job in the USA, you can find multiple job opportunities online such as at Jooble. Here are the best jobs available in the field. 

Best Dental Job Vacancies in the USA

Here is our list of the best dental job vacancies in the country. We hope you will find the job you are looking for. 

1. Full-Time Dentist at Texas Association of Community Health Centers


Texas Association of Community health center is in search of a full-time dentist who can deliver quality dental care to the patients at the center. He/she must be able to function as a suitable member of the healthcare team within the dental practice. 


  • Opportunity: Full-time, permanent
  • Specialty: Dentistry
  • Location: Longview, TX, USA
  • Openings: 1
  • Income: $57.9K to $73.3K per year (estimated and negotiable)
  • Vacation: 208 hours of PTO, (160 hours for vacation, annually and 48 hours for sick leave) 
  • Relocation paid: Negotiable 
  • CME: $2250.00 (5 annual paid days)

2. Dentist at US Veterans Health administration


U.S nationals, citizens, or those with allegiance to the US are free to apply to this job position with their Resume and/or CV. The duties include general dentistry practice, providing diagnosis and treatment of dental issues, and helping maintain professional care standards while taking full responsibility for work.


The following are the job details.

  • Pay: $108,645 – $243,000 a year based on competition and annual performance with regular increases.
  • Paid off time: 50-55 days annually (26 annual leave days, 13 sick leave days, 11 federal paid holidays annually, 5 possible paid days for CME) 
  • Retirement plan: 5 years vesting traditional federal pension, and 401K federal with about 5% VA contributions.
  • Insurance: federal/dental/health/long-term care/term life.
  • CME: $1000 reimbursement possible annually.
  • Malpractice: Free liability protection along with tail coverage
  • Schedule: 20 hours/week – Monday to Friday 4:30 to 8:30 pm 

3. School District Dentist at Western Public Schools 

Dental-Implant-School (1)

This job requires offering guidance to the personnel and district administration about the dental health needs of the community. Offered as a student support position with the following details. 


Following are given the job details. 

  • Position type: Student support service/district dentist 
  • Hours per week: Variable
  • Salary range: $58.9K to $74.5K  yearly, estimated
  • Location: District 
  • Job type: Part-time

4. Dentist – Periodontist at US veteran health Administration

Dentist - Periodontist at US veteran health Administration

Applicants who are federal employees, recent graduates, veterans, or the general public are encouraged to apply if they meet the job requirements. The job details are given below. 


  • Pay: $175,000 – $243,000 per year, competitive salary with an annual bonus based on performance and regular salary increase. 
  • Retirement: Traditional federal pension (vesting 5 years) and 401K federal with around 5% VA contributions
  • Paid time off 49-54 off days annually (26 annual leave days, 13 sick leave days, 10 federal paid holidays, and 5 CME paid absence days.  
  • Insurance: Vision/federal health/term life/dental/long-term care (several federal programs extend to retirement)
  • CME: $1000 possible per year reimbursement 
  • Malpractice: Free liability protection offered with tail coverage 

5. Dental Hygienist at US Veteran Health Administration 


US veteran health administration needs staff dental hygienists to perform at their best offering direct care to patients. The job is open to the general public of U.S, citizens, those who owe allegiance to the country, or the nationals. 


The following are the job details.

  • Salary: $53,433 – $69,462 per year 
  • Job type: Temporary, part-time
  • Work schedule: Intermittent. At least one Saturday in a month, along with chances of additional days as needed by the service throughout the month.
  • Insurance: Dental and health insurance 
  • Functional Statement: Dental hygienist 

6. Dental Hygienist US Army Medical Command 


US Army medical command is in need of a dental hygienist. Applicants from U.S. and nationals along with those who have owed allegiance to the US are encouraged to apply if they fulfill the requirements. 


The job details are given below.

  • Job type: Full-time
  • Salary: $44,150 – $57,397 per year
  • Who can apply: US citizens
  • Licensure: Must currently be licensed to work as a dental hygienist either in the State or US territory of District of Columbia. 
  • Duties: Deal with ambulatory, and non-ambulatory patients, make teeth adjustments and repairs, conduct oral examinations, diagnose and treat dental issues. 

7. Dental associate general at the Smile institute


  • Job type: Part-time 
  • Location: 2535 N Lake Pleasant Parkway, Unit 103, Peoria, AZ, 85383 
  • Salary: $500 per day
  • Number of jobs for this role: 1
  • Qualification: Dental license required 
  • Schedule: Fridays and one/two days as per your choice
  • Supplemental pay: Commission pay 

8. General Dentist (FT) at Emergency Dental Care USA, Inc

Emergency Dental care the USA is in search of a dedicated general dentist who can diagnose and treat dental procedures. 


The job description is given below. 

  • Job type: Contract
  • Salary: $6,000 – $40,000 per year
  • Benefits: Ideal working conditions, generous commissions, perfect state-of-the-art equipment, competent staff, challenging work.

9. Associate Dentist at Emergency Dental Care the USA


Emergency dental care USA is in search of a full-time or part-time dentist to join their team. 


  • Job type: Full-time, contract, and part-time
  • Number of role hires: 1
  • Salary: $67.7K to $85.7K estimate per year
  • Schedule: 12-hour shift, Monday to Friday, Weekend availability, and Holidays 
  • License/certification: Washington dental license required  
  • Work location: One location  

10. Experienced General Dentist at Paradise Dental Spa


Paradise Dental Spa is in search of a dedicated and experienced dentist to join the team. 


  • Job type: Full-time
  • Number of hirees: 1
  • Qualifications: US work authorization
  • Salary: Around $3,000.00 per day
  • Schedule: 8-hour shift
  • Supplemental pay: Commission pay
  • Work location: One location 


If you think you are a qualified individual in search of a dental job, these job opportunities are not to be missed. If you think you’re capable, try applying for these jobs. 

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