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Dentists Marketing

At Dental Marketing Innovators, we work with many dental marketing companies who are often looking for new and innovative ways to approach the dental industry. As such, we’ve become familiar with what works and what doesn’t when marketing to dentists across the United States.


What is Dentists Marketing?

Before we get into the details of how to market to dentists, you must have an understanding of what dental marketing is. Dentist’s marketing is typically considered less traditional than other forms of advertising, such as television or radio advertisements. There are generally three types of performances used when marketing to dentists: print, online and mobile.

The three different types of marketing to dentists are usually used in conjunction with one another. This means that you will see online ads accompanied by mobile notifications or display advertisements combined with banner ads across social media pages. Dentists’ marketing is also seen on billboards, pamphlets, and even direct mail campaigns.


Why Market to Dentists?

When it comes to marketing, most companies turn to television and radio advertisements. This is a mistake when trying to market directly to dentists. Dentists are typically less likely to respond well to traditional forms of advertising, especially ones that come on during their lunch or at the end of the day. Instead of paying for play spots, consider using another form of marketing.


How is it effective?

Marketing to dentists is more effective than many other forms of advertising. For a variety of reasons, a dentist’s office is often the perfect place to distribute advertisements.

  1. Dentists are constantly surrounded by people who need dental care
  2. Most patients visit their dentist at least twice a year for checkups and cleanings
  3. The best time to get in touch with a dentist is before the patient needs care
  4. Dentists provide one of the most popular services in the United States (and often receive great pay for their work)
  5. With modern technology, it’s easier than ever to reach out to them continuously throughout the year
  6. Often dentists will know every one of their patients’ preferences, so it’s easy to market to them directly
  7. Dentists form long-term relationships with their patients, meaning they will be more likely to trust your offers over time than with most other forms of advertising.
  8. With large amounts of revenue driven by dentists, it’s easier to benefit from their marketing efforts than almost any other industry.
  9. Not all forms of dentists marketing cost a great deal, and many of the better options work directly with existing platforms (meaning no extra costs for you)

Dentists Marketing

How it Works:

Here we’ll take some time to discuss some of the best ways to market to dentists. No matter what type of marketing method you decide to go with, some significant factors will determine whether or not it is effective.

In this article, we will share twenty effective ways to attract new patients to your practice.


1. Create Unique Content That Educates Patients

It all starts with content, particularly articles that are thought-provoking and educational. This isn’t just about blogging because blogs get lost in the shuffle of low-value posts that are nothing more than an online diary of sorts. Instead, you need to focus on creating educational content, including videos and infographics.

Why write an article about the best dental practices in your area? A better idea is to write an essay that explains what makes a course great. For example, you might write an article about why dentists should wear gloves while working with patients or improve their sterilization methods.


2. Advertise on Podcasts

Another way to attract new patients is by advertising your dental practice on podcasts across the web. There are many different kinds of relevant podcasts with topics ranging from business coaching to sports talk radio, so start researching, and you’ll be sure to find a podcast that will fit your practice.


3. Use social media as Your Command Center

If you’re doing nothing else, use social media as your command center and pay attention to what people are saying about dentistry in general and their own experiences with local dental practices. No one will trust a company or individual who doesn’t know what they’re talking about, so keeping a pulse on the social chatter will help you be more effective in your marketing.

Problem Solve with social media

Social media is an excellent tool for dentists to use in their marketing strategy because it allows them to connect with prospects, patients, and potential referrals directly. As such social media is the perfect way to problem solve issues that they might have.


4. Leverage Email Marketing with Dental Practices

Email marketing is often overlooked because most dental practices think that email isn’t as effective as it once was and that people use social media more frequently. The problem with this line of thinking is that email marketing remains one of the most highly effective ways to reach new patients because it’s not intrusive.


5. Know Who Your People Are

Before you do anything else, you need to know who people are likely to use your dental services. That’s why it’s recommended that you focus on one thing at a time and avoid trying to get involved with new technologies because this can work against your dental practice.

 Focus on Relevancy

An important thing to realize about the dental industry is that it has an extremely high barrier to entry. New dentists don’t just appear out of thin air. Finding a new dentist in your area is no easy feat, and this means that they can be picky when choosing what marketing materials to read. As such, when sending out your email blasts, website posts, and other materials, you need to make sure that they’re genuinely relevant to the target audience. Now by “truly relevant,” we don’t mean using a lot of industry jargon to look like you know what you’re talking about (that’s a quick way to make a prospect ignore everything you have to say). We mean going out of your way to ensure that the person receiving your message can see how it will benefit them.


6. Be Open and Honest About Your Dental Practice

Another way to attract new patients is by being open and honest about your dental practice. You don’t want to make any bold or ridiculous claims; instead, focus on providing excellent service at fair prices. This will go a long way toward helping you acquire new patients looking for great care in a comfortable setting.


7. Never Stop Marketing

The key to success with dentists’ marketing is never to stop marketing, even if it feels as though you are tainting your brand by being too aggressive. The newer patients that come through the door, the better, so don’t try to hold back because there’s nothing wrong with getting the word out.


8. Create a Referral Program

A referral program can be very effective in dental practices, particularly when you focus on the patient’s primary concern and allow them to refer friends and family with similar problems. Not only will this help you acquire new patients through referrals, but it will also help build your business too.


9. Create a Cohesive Message

Last but not least, you have to create a cohesive message that explains the benefits of your dental practice in layman’s terms. Keep it short and simple because no one wants to hear about features they don’t care about or too high prices. The key here is, to be honest, while keeping things positive and concise.


10. Educate Your Patients

Another way to attract new patients is by educating them on the benefits of preventative dental care. Not only will this help you reduce the number of emergencies that come through your door, but it can also signal to prospective patients that you’re a trusted resource for all things teeth-related.


11. Study Your Competition

An excellent way to attract new patients is by studying your competition. There are many ways to do this, including monitoring your direct competitors, looking at what they offer and their prices, in addition to seeing where they advertise. By taking the time to study what the competition has going on, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself in a positive way.


12. Partner with Community Members

If you don’t already have one, consider forming an official partnership with the local youth league or school clubs because there are plenty of parents looking to get their kids in for dental care on a regular basis. By having a designated day where you offer reduced fares or even free cleanings, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to attract new patients.


13. Create a Dental Office Website

To be found online, you must create a website as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean just starting one and calling it done; however, you need to ensure that your site includes the right keywords, has plenty of great content, and is easy to navigate.

dental digital marketing

Here are some tips which you should remember while creating a Dental Office Website


a. Add a “Find a Dentist” Page to Your Website

One of the first things that almost every dentist should do is add a page to their website that can be easily found through search engines and includes information about the various dental services they offer and their contact information. This will allow people to find your practice more quickly when they need a dentist.

b. Add a “Patient Reviews” Page to Your Website

Another thing that every dental office should have in place is a page where patients can write reviews about their experience at the practice to help other people learn more about what you offer. This will increase your online exposure and will help convince prospective patients that you’re the right choice.

c. Use a Responsive Design

If your dental office website isn’t responsive, then you’re going to miss out on a lot of traffic from mobile devices. Not only does this affect your ranking on search engines, but it limits the number of people who can visit your site. To stay ahead of the curve, This is important to use a responsive design platform.

d. Offer an Online Patient Portal

When you make it possible for your patients to access their records online, they are more likely to trust your office with their dental care. By offering them the opportunity to interact with you via email, please give feedback on their appointment and schedule future visits, you’re making yourself accessible in a way that wasn’t possible before. The added convenience is well worth the initial set-up cost.


e. Invest in Quality Graphics

It’s important to remember that first impressions can make a difference when attracting new patients and converting leads into sales, which is why you must invest in high-quality graphics. By having attractive images on your website, you’re giving prospective patients an idea of what to expect when they walk through your doors. It can make a big difference in how inviting your practice feels.

You can’t expect new patients to stumble upon your dental practice when modern technology allows them too much control over their search for a dentist. That’s why you need to have a solid online presence that highlights your brand and the services you offer, including information about the most common procedures in the industry.


14. Create a Dental Office Blog

Another way to attract new patients online is by creating a blog for your dental office, particularly one that keeps people up-to-date on the latest in dentistry, news about your practice, or even the occasional dentist tip. This creates value for readers while also positioning your dental practice as a thought leader in the community.


15. Make Your Dental Office Mobile-Friendly

Going mobile is another excellent way to attract new patients because people will come across your website searching for quality dental care on their phone or tablet. If you’re not sure how to make your site mobile-friendly, be sure to enlist the help of a professional who can point out what needs to change.


16. Update Your Email Signature

If you want to attract new patients while simultaneously letting people know about your business, consider updating your email signature with various helpful tips and valuable resources that go beyond a link to your website. It will allow you to position yourself as an expert in your field and put your best foot forward.


17. Direct Patients to Your Dental Office from social media

If you’re active on social media, be sure to link directly back to your website or contact page because this will allow interested parties to take the next step. For example, if someone follows you on Twitter and asks a question about dental care, be sure to send them in your direction by including your website link in reply.


18. Cross-Promote with Other Businesses

If there are other local businesses similar to yours in the area, consider cross-promoting with them so that both parties can benefit from increased web traffic. Not only can this help you acquire new patients, but it can also help other businesses improve their search engine rankings by getting their name out there in a positive light.


19. Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is another effective way to attract new patients because putting your personality on display helps people know your practice better. The more a potential patient knows and trusts you, the more likely they will choose you as their provider.


20. Be Likeable

Finally, your dental office must be liked online. The best way to do this is by sharing helpful content while also being consistent in your branding efforts. By keeping things fresh and exciting with contests, giveaways, and fun facts regularly, you’ll attract new patients while also strengthening the bond with your existing ones.


During this time of year, it’s essential to be marketing and out and about and attracting new ‘customers’ so that your practice is already growing vs. starting from scratch after the New Year comes around.


As you can see, implementing these strategies will help your dental practice attract new patients who are ready to take the next step with a professional dentist. Be sure to track which techniques work best and stay focused on what works for your current patient base, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different kinds of content that will get noticed.


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