4 Huge Marketing Mistakes Dentists Make With Advertising

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4 Huge Dental Marketing Mistakes Dentists Make With Advertising

These mistakes are costing you big money. Fixing them can help you increase your client volume and customer retention. The older marketing methods are not as effective as they used to be. The world has gone digital. If you want to stay above your competition, you need to make sure you are attracting people by digital means. If you can avoid these four mistakes, your profits should escalate.

1.) The dentist does not have an irresistible offer to give the patient

When your potential client is considering what new dentist to hire, he or she has many local options and is unsure of where to go. If you have an offer that other competing dentists do not have, it will give your prospects the incentive to come to your office. We have seen that free teeth whitening has had positive results in getting people through the door. Offering a free consultation is an old way of doing business. Clients are no longer receptive to that like they used to be. Your introductory marketing offer needs to be more captivating.

2.) Underestimating the lifetime value of a patient

How much is your client really worth? Will your client only see you once or will the patient come back for years? Your patient may even refer to friends and family. If you calculate the income you would gain over many years, your client may be worth more than you initially thought.

3.) Using out of date technology

If you want to succeed in business this year, you need to have a strong online presence. Make sure your website is up to date. You need the proper website visitor tracking and call tracking technology. If your website is set up with the tracking codes from Google, Bing, or Facebook; you will be able to send targeted ads to all of your visitors whenever you want. These ads can go straight to people’s mobile devices. Statistically, most dental office Google searches are done on a mobile phone. This is where you want your ads to be. If your website had 100,000 mobile phone visitors, you would be able to re-market back to those same 100,000 people every day. Remarketing and reminding customers about you is a key to success.

4.) The doctor has no sales funnel to capture the leads

Do not guide prospects back to your general website when advertising online. Your clients need more focus and direction. Your website has a lot of information and many options to choose from. Your client will not know what to do next and get distracted by all of the other options. Make proper marketing sales funnel instead. You need to advertise a specific offer and guide your prospect to sign up for that offer. This will keep your prospects focused to do what you want them to do. You want them to register and schedule an appointment with you for a specific reason.  You will want the same tracking technology installed in your sales funnel.  You will be able to remarket to everyone that visits your sales funnel.

If you don’t have a sales funnel system in place, we have a solution. Watch this video “How To Get Hundreds of New Patient Referrals in Days.” You can find it at leads.growmyoffice.com. It showcases lead capturing software that gives your customers the incentive to share your promotion on their social networks. The software is new and many doctors don’t know about it yet. You can generate significant referrals quickly.

Watch how it works. This video shows you the step by step process on what actions your customers will take to share your promotion with their networks. You will see how this software can generate hundreds of new patients for you. If your website is old or you’re not using up-to-date lead capturing technology, this is a great solution for you to use now at leads.growmyoffice.com.


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