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BioHorizon implant

Dental implants are titanium components. These are made of metal and act as a surgical root to provide support for bridges, dentures, and prosthetic teeth. As required, these can be introduced in the jaw (mandible) or the skull or upper jaw (maxilla). Implants consist of three components, an artificial root, an abutment that acts as a bridge, and the prosthetic.

Perks of implants

Before implants, eating with a denture was nearly impossible, also these had to be removed every day before sleeping. Implants are permanent and hence bring a natural feel. A person can easily perform all tasks. Another benefit of these is that during the procedure, the surrounding soft bones also heal, which aids in oral health improvement.

They do not feel artificial as they are embedded within the bone, so you can easily communicate without the fear of them falling off. They are comfortable as compared to the traditional implants and add value to your oral health.

Senescence of an implant

BioHorizon implants last way longer than temporary dentures and traditional implants. Their life depends on two key factors, care, and routine review checkups. A person who takes good care of his/her implant will probably enjoy them longer than the people who don’t. Also, if your doctor tells you to show up for BioHorizon implant review, listen to him/her and get checked, for it maximizes implants’ life.

If you are careless and neglect the basic precautionary measures of implants, you can end up with an infection, which, if not properly treated, can lead to bone deterioration.

How many prosthetics can be supported by an implant?

Implants act as a pivot that can anchor many prosthetic teeth and dentures. It does not necessarily have to be one-on-one. For a person with two consecutive missing teeth, the dentist or orthodontist inspects the jaw area for the ideal choice of an implant, which can support both the prosthetics.

BioHorizon Dental Implants Type

In this case, the implant acts as a bridge or a connection between the two teeth. This base has to be strong enough to carry both impeccably and should be taken care of.

The best time to get an implant

The oral and general health of the patient is the foremost factor that determines whether or not to apply the implant. If a person’s oral health is not satisfactory, he is treated with antibiotics first. Braces can also be applied for a specific span so that the oral orientation is suitable enough for implants.

To ensure BioHorizon implant compatibility, the procedure is performed on the bones which have stopped growing. This indicates that children who are younger than 18 years old do not receiver implants treatment, generally, unless it is the only option left.

Dental Implants

Keeping general health into account, people with conditions like hemophilia are also not considered suitable for implants as they do not recover normally.

How many types of dental implants are known?

As discussed, dental implants can be applied for one or many prosthetics, as required. There are different types of implants established for optimum outputs and these vary according to factors such as oral health, number of prosthetics, etc.

Endosteal implants are the ones that are bound within the bones and take 3-6 months for proper healing. These are performed only if the dentist is sure that there is enough bone density to endorse the implant.

Alternatives to endosteal implants are the trans-steal implants, which are only applied in the mandible, and involves drilling into the lower jaw, and sub-periosteal implants. The latter is not drilled or bound to the bone, rather they act like arcs or posts in which the prosthetics fit. These types of dental implants are suitable for young people with lower bone height and insufficient bone density.


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