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5 Tips to Keep Good Oral Hygiene
Taking proper care of your teeth is as essential a part of growing up as learning to tie your shoelaces. Achieving strong, healthy teeth and good oral hygiene requires a lifetime of proper care. Your oral hygiene also relates to your overall health.
Even if people compliment you on your teeth, you must continue to keep good oral hygiene, and thus prevent problems. Already suffering from oral health issues like frequent cavities or bad breath? It’s high time that you take your oral hygiene seriously.
Here are five tips to keep good oral hygiene:
Don’t be Lazy to Brush Your Teeth Before Bed – You must brush at least two times inside 24 hours. However, many of us feel tempted to skip brushing at night, especially if we’re already lying snugly in bed. This neglect could prove costly!
Dr. Keith Beavers, a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), claims that brushing your teeth before bed rids your mouth of the entire day’s buildup of germs and plaque. While you’re having a meal, the naturally-residing bacteria in your mouth to enjoy eating the same food. The waste that these bacteria excrete after feasting on your meal is extremely acidic. Such severely acidic waste wears away the tooth enamel, resulting in root corrosion and cavities
Whenever you hit the bed without brushing your teeth, the plaque begins to calcify on your teeth, i.e. it decomposes into calcium compounds that are not soluble. Such a situation makes it impossible to remove the plaque with a toothbrush. Furthermore, you can develop an infection of the gums, making your immune system attack it, and, in the process, damage the healthy tissues that hold your teeth firmly.
So, taking a couple of minutes to brush before going to bed will save you many years of pain and also increase the lifespan.
Brush Your Teeth Properly – How you brush your teeth is as essential as not failing to clean regularly. Proper brushing is key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. 
First and foremost, select the right toothbrush. Make sure to pick the one with soft and flexible bristles, i.e., those that can bend easily and can get under the gums quickly. This way, your toothbrush can loosen the plaque from your gums. Also, the size of your toothbrush’s head must suit the size of your mouth.  
Move the toothbrush gently inside your mouth and in circular motions. Hold the toothbrush, inclined to 45 degrees and directed toward the place where the gums join the teeth. Brush every tooth about 15 times, but make sure not to overdo it. If you brush very aggressively, you will end up damaging your teeth and gum line.
Don’t forget to replace your toothbrush every few (3 or 4) months, or even sooner in the case of the bristles wearing out. 
Always Use a Fluoride Toothpaste – Irrespective of the flavor and the whitening power of toothpaste, ensure that its ingredients include fluoride. Numerous scientific studies prove that fluoride kinds of toothpaste at particular strengths are vital in maintaining oral health. Always buy ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste.
By using fluoride toothpaste, you’re making your tooth enamel stronger. The reason is that fluoride destroys the germs that can cause tooth decay, and acts as your teeth protective barrier. Thus fluoride is a significant defense against decay. Fluoride also helps repair teeth that have been prone to slight tooth decalcification, which is generally the first step towards tooth decay. 
Make it a point to brush regularly with fluoride toothpaste and keep cavities away. This way you’d certainly boost your oral health.
Oral health is also about tongue health – Bacteria love your tongue just as much as they fancy your teeth! They tend to accumulate densely between the taste buds and other structures of the tongue, hiding in its crevices and elevations.
The bacteria do no other favor than giving out bad breath from your mouth to the others around you! Having bad breath is a common cause of great social embarrassment.
So, you must take good care of your tongue, along with your teeth and gums. While brushing your teeth, gently brush your tongue back and forth, and side to side. Then rinse with water. Alternatively, use a tongue cleaner or a tongue scraper. Either way, you’d succeed in physically removing the bacteria from your tongue, and hence keep bad breath at bay. 
Pay a Regular Visit to the Dentist – Approximately half of the adult population in the United States are prone to avoid seeing a dentist. The numerous reasons for this type of behavior include dental phobia, money management, and plain neglect. If you’re one of them, you’re indeed planning to wreck your pearly whites!  
Besides this thing, Nowadays, with the help of supplementary health insurance coverage, many dentists are providing affordable treatments to there patients and advertising it through various dental digital marketing platforms. Extensive Marketing helps to make people aware of multiple affordable dental procedures available in the market.
So, whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or a sudden decision of seeing the dentist regularly, make sure to keep your promise. If you’re unsure of whom to go to, google for “best dentist near me”.
The ADA recommends that you ought to visit your dentist once or twice a year.  This way, the dentist can detect problems like tooth decay, gum disease, or even cancer at a preliminary stage, and can treat them effectively. Also, at this stage, you can afford the solutions more quickly. 
A few dental insurance firms cover a good many dental checkups in a year. If this applies to you, make sure to take benefit of it, particularly, if you have a record of frequent cavities. 
So, now you know how to achieve and maintain good oral hygiene. By carefully using these tips, you’d certainly get the benefits that follow: a dazzling smile and an overall fit body.


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