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6 Ways to Overcome the Dentist fear



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Going on a regular dentist visit is indeed the toughest task for most of us. On the onset, it is just that we are lazy and can do anything but go to the dentist. But only we ourselves know that deep inside it is just the fear of dentist that keeps us from going to the dentist.

Oral hygiene needs constant maintenance and for that, a visit to the dentist is necessary. In this article, we shall discover how to get rid of this biggest hurdle of visiting the dentist. Here we go with 6 Ways to Overcome the Dentist Fear.

#1 Find out the cause of your fear

Before going ahead seeking help, first, you must introspect and find out what exactly makes you avoid seeking a dentist appointment. Check its roots – it may be because of a painful experience at the dentist as a kid, or it may be because you don’t like the dentist drilling into your mouth or even because the liquids that they use tastes terrible.

For most of the people, it isn’t just the fear, it is even the fear of costs. A recent study by the KIDY10 shows that most people skip their dentist appointments because dentist procedures are very costly. Thus, if the fear is due to the burning a hole in your pocket, consider an insurance plan which has extra provisions for dental care. You may also want to have exclusive dental insurance so that you need not wring big lumps of money out of your pocket every time you visit your dentist.

Once you find the cause, you are all ready to go further with the next step, as discussed below.

#2 Work on your Fear

Now that you have recognized the root of your fear, start working on it. If it is some memory of a bad dentist visit, you can convince yourself that not all dentists are bad. If you hate the terrible taste of the liquids they use, you can always gift yourself with your favourite chocolate box post recovery (of course with the permission of your dentist!). If necessary, you may also consider changing your dentist if he/she does not make you feel comfortable.

You can actually reward yourself with anything you love. For instance, putting on your favourite movie or TV series or even a spend the day with your friends. This will not only motivate you to visit the clinic but also distract you from the fear.

#3 Talk to a Counsellor

Sometimes talking our fears out makes us less anxious about them. So, if you find your fears are very intimidating and are overpowering your normal life, you may consider booking an appointment with a counsellor and share your concerns.

Studies show that counselling helps to reduce the fear and anxiety of the patients, thus reducing the occupational stress experienced by dentists. Your counsellor will also help you get more insights into your fear so that you have an upper hand when you are in conflict with it.

#4 Relaxation Techniques

If you have physical symptoms of anxiety, you can start practising relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises, meditation, etc. This is an effective way to cope with your stress and anxiety. Try doing yoga and meditation before going to the dentist. This will help you to calm your nerves during your appointment.

#5 IV Sedation


Sedation basically keeps you semi-conscious during a dental procedure, so that you are unaware of most of the things happening in and around you, including pain. Talk to your dentist about the right form of sedation suitable for you.

IV Sedation stands for Intravenous Sedation. Here, the sedative is administered by injecting it directly into your veins. This quickens up the process of sedation so that the dentist can get his work done soon.

#6 Distract Yourself

Nowadays, most of the dentist offices offer facilities for distractions like television, virtual reality glasses, pillows, blankets, aromatherapy, headphones. Many such clinics also offer dental spa facilities with destressing massages, hand and/or foot treatments, etc. You may also get plan chatting online with your friends – just anything that helps you be distracted before the procedure. Talk to your dentist clinic and avail those facilities for a better experience.


Fear is never ultimate, you can always overcome once you make up your mind. Trust your dentist and trust the new and improved medical science. In the end, remember that good oral health is necessary for the overall well being too. So, follow the tips mentioned above and overcome your dentist-phobia.

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