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Take Your Child To The Dentist

The Sooner You Start Oral Hygiene For Your Child The Better.


At the appearance of the first tooth of your child, it is recommended to start taking care of their oral health. Taking them to a pediatric dentist is a good way to start their oral health journey. If you are still undecided as to when is it the right time to schedule an appointment for your child then there are some signs you can watch out for. At the very occurrence of those, you will know that it is time. 


Below are 7 signs that indicate that you should book an appointment with a pediatric dentist for your child right away. 

Your Child Has Swollen Or Bleeding Gums


A clear indication that your child is suffering from gum disease if they have bleeding, red, or swollen gums. When the food debris is not cleared from their teeth it gets sucked in between. This leads to plaque formation which eventually hardens up in tartar. When this is overlooked for long, your child can be prone to gum disease. This causes bad breath or bleeding gums. If you notice these symptoms then you should consult a pediatric dentist right away. 

Your Child Has A Tooth Ache


Children can easily be susceptible to untreated dental caries. This is because parents generally overlook taking them to a dentist at an early age. If your child is experiencing a toothache, you must consider taking them to a dentist. Toothache from dental caries can strike quite unexpectedly. There are no subtle signs before it happens. This type of pain can be very uncomfortable for your child as it will affect their ability to stay focused, speak, and even worse their ability to eat. When your child refuses to eat as they are experiencing pain when they do so, it will eventually have a direct impact on their health. Check if there is any facial swelling and if there isn’t any, then it is not an emergency. Try to understand by asking where exactly the pain is felt. You can check if there are any signs of dental decay. Your child could be even suffering due to a cavity. A dentist will be able to help them immediately and bring in some relief. 

Your Child Has Tooth Sensitivity


There is a high chance that your child has a cavity if they start experiencing tooth sensitivity. The first thing to check is if they have sensitivity when they consume hot or cold food. Regardless, you should not delay in seeking treatment as the cavity can be very painful. If you are worried about any painful procedure the child may need you must be assured that newer technology has changed the very face of kids’ dentistry. At the laser dentistry MN, Soleo technology has replaced the old drill and anesthetic measures. The dentist can check to see if the child’s tooth is ok and assess if there are any risk factors down the road. Tooth sensitivity can be a result of eating or drinking acidic food and beverages, grinding teeth, and many others.

Your Child’s Teeth Are Not White


When a dental cavity starts to form, you will notice brown or white spots on the surface of your child’s teeth. If their teeth appeared stained or discolored then it is a clear indication that you need to take them to a dentist at the soonest. Children’s teeth should always remain white. If you notice any sign of color-changing then it is a clear indication of problems like cavities. 

Your Child Has Bad Breath


No matter how young your child is, you must keep an eye on your child’s oral habits. Make sure they are brushing and flossing properly every day. This ensures that there is no food leftover between their teeth. If your child has bad breath after brushing then there could be a bigger problem. Usually, if this is due to improper brushing it means that the foul smell is coming from the leftover food debris. Food debris leads to the formation of plaque as bacteria build up. This irritates the gums of your child. A sinus infection or other diseases too can be an underlying cause of bad breath. 

Your Child Has Problems With Adult Teeth


If your child doesn’t lose their baby teeth on time, there is nothing to worry about. Some children do not lose their baby teeth right away. Sometimes even after the adult tooth breaks through their gum, the baby teeth remain rooted. However, if you notice any problems or issues with your child’s adult teeth then you will need the intervention of a pediatric dentist. You should watch ut for loose or wiggly teeth and if their adult tooth starts to become loose then it is certainly time to take them to the dentist. 

Your Child Has A Clicking Jaw


This one is an important indicator and you should watch out for it closely. If your child’s jaw makes a popping or clicking sound when they chew that should be an alarm sign. Chances are that your child may need braces as they may have a jaw misalignment. Overbite and underbite are the other two problems that could be causing their jaw to make clicking sounds. Seeking advice from a pediatric dentist will help you understand whether or not your child actually needs braces to correct their jaw alignment. 


Pediatric dentists can help to check if there are even any minor issues that could crop up to become bigger problems in the future. Keep your child’s precious smile safe with correct oral hygiene care. 


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