Different Types Of Dentures That You Should Know About

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Different Types Of Dentures That You Should Know About

Dentures have long been useful for replacing missing teeth. If your tooth is missing due to aging or any other reason, you can replace them with dentures. These are customizable to match your teeth’ colour, texture, and shape while restoring all functions and aesthetics of your original teeth.

When it comes to getting dentures, the first thing you look for is the different types of dentures available, their cost, and their uses. Based on this, you can decide which is most suitable for your teeth. Here’s a detailed guide to understanding different types of dentures and picking the most suitable one.

Complete/Full Dentures

As the name suggests, full dentures are complete teeth sets that sit right on top of your gums. If you are considering these Dentures Farmington NM you can expect to have them within 8-12 weeks of getting your teeth extracted. They contain acrylic and are ideal for your entire upper and lower jaw. The dentist might remove the remaining tooth (if you have a few left) to prepare your jaw for full dentures.

Partial Dentures

You can have partial dentures if you don’t want to remove your remaining teeth. For patients that have lost their smiles or the ability to bite and chew food because of the incomplete set of teeth, partial dentures make a good choice.

A piece of metal holds them together that connects all teeth together. Dentures are comfortably and properly in place so that you can perform all activities that you can do with your normal teeth. They also consist of acrylic material.

Custom Dentures

Some patients want their dentures to look as natural as possible. They want to restore their natural-looking teeth with custom dentures. This helps them restore their natural smile. Doctors design custom dentures after taking the impression of your gum to ensure that they fit your jawbone perfectly. These might be a little more expensive than regular dentures, but if you want a permanent option that looks great and natural, custom dentures are your best choice.

Immediate Dentures

Dentists give immediate dentures the same day they extract your teeth. Instead of waiting for the dentist to create custom dentures to fit your mouth, you can have immediate dentures. They fill in the gaps between your intact and missing teeth. Usually, these are temporary dentures you get until the new ones come. After designing your custom dentures in Farmington, NM, they will be fitted inside your mouth. 

Snap-in Denture

If stability is your major concern, you should get snap-in dentures. Dentists place them right on your existing teeth and firmly in place with the help of dental implants. These are removable, which makes them super comfortable. Since your teeth support them, you must fix them on your natural teeth. These are partial dentures. Snap-in dentures work for those who lack the teeth but have strong enough bones to support implants.

Upper Dentures

Some people need dentures in Farmington, NM, just for the upper jaw. You can consider upper dentures if you have lost a complete set of upper teeth or just a couple of them. They will replace your upper jaw and restore your natural-looking smile and other regular functions of your teeth. These can also be either custom-made or immediate (depending on what suits your needs).

Economy Dentures

Economy dentures might be a good fit if you don’t have the budget for customized dentures. These are not customizable to fit your mouth and are rather generic dentures that will look fake. Since they are not customizable, they might feel a bit uncomfortable. You can still remove them (given that they are removable), but don’t expect these dentures to look natural. It’s suitable for those looking for a cost-effective alternative to custom dentures.

Dental Implants

This is a more permanent solution to your missing teeth. You can consider implants if you need strong support for partial or full dentures. The dentist drills into your jawbone and places a screw that holds the fake tooth. The procedure is complex and requires a professional surgeon. You might need a bone graft if you don’t have enough bone to support implants. Your dentist will assess your jawbone to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for dental implants.

These were the most popular types of Dentures Farmington NM. Talk to a professional Dentist Farmington New Mexico, at Sundance to learn more about dentures, their cost, and their different types. Book an appointment for a proper evaluation of your jawbone for dentures.



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