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The world is growing at various fronts, and dentistry is not far when it comes to technological advancements. Today we have the more accessible, more flexible treatment and cure for dental problems which were difficult to diagnose a few decades back. There are two significant reasons for this faster and more precise diagnosis of dental issues. The first is, no doubt the improved and highly specialized quality of doctors. The second and most important reason is the introduction of incredible medical practices and technologies like 3-D dental imaging. 

The days are gone when you had to second guess on the verdict given by the doctor. You can completely trust the results of the new generation dental X-rays. It helps dentists understand your oral hygiene better and study the more sophisticated parts intricately.  


  What are 3-D Dental X-rays?


3-D Dental X-ray technology is the cutting-edge dental technology that helps capture detailed images of the patient’s mouth. Unlike the traditional X-rays, it takes 3-D pictures of the teeth structure to give a panoramic view of your mouth.

It allows the doctors to diagnose the portions of the mouth (bone structures, canals, and root positions, etc.) which were difficult to reach before. A better glance at the problem leads to better diagnosis, and hence, better treatments. Many of the dentists are already having these scanners at their dental offices. However, there is another part of the population that is not yet aware of this diagnostic approach. You’ll be amazed to know that the technology has developed so much so, that dentists now have sophisticated equipment like intraoral camera, VELscope, handheld x-ray machines etc at their center to diagnose their patients. 


How are 3-D Dental X Rays taken?


Getting a 3-D X-Ray check-up is truly simple and is absolutely painless. All you need to do is sit still while the scanner projects x-ray beams over your head on 360-degree. There are various ways to capture 3-D images of your mouth. One of the most widespread techniques is the use of Cone Beam Computed Tomography machine or CBCT machine. It captures hundreds of pictures of the inside of the mouth in seconds and compiles them to form a 3-D model which is further used by the dentists for proper diagnosis.


There’s no extra preparation required on the patient’s side. However, one can go for loose clothes as a comfortable option. Also, we recommend getting rid of heavy accessories and jewelry on you, if any. 

Importance of 3-D Dental X-rays

  • Better Diagnosis: Certain dental issues require difficult diagnosis, and it just gets better with the help of 3-D imaging. Be it the hidden cavities, fractured jawline, broken tooth, or the need for implants, it all becomes easier and accurate with the help of dental x-rays. 
  • Best Possible Dental Imaging: As we previously mentioned, 3-D X-rays give a better clinical experience by providing the view of the dental anatomy from different angles. The fast and accurate images obtained through this are quite reliable.  
  • Better Planning for Treatments: The comprehensive look of the interior portion of the mouth helps facilitate the kind of treatment required for the patients. It also helps to consider if specific problems should be taken care of, before dental surgery. 
  • Increased Confidence: The details are so clear and precise that the patients themselves can see through their problems and be more confident about their treatment. For instance, if the patient broke his jawline, he would be able to see it and discuss it with his dentist. It will also build a better doctor-patient relation. This leads to better and more confident smiles. 


When are 3-D Dental X-rays mostly used?


It’s your dentist who will guide you to whether you need a 3-D X-ray or not. In most cases, it is required for planning the treatment of various orthodontic issues. You might need it when you’re probably looking for:

  1. Accurate placement of dental implants
  2. Determining the structure of the bone and the orientation of the tooth
  3. Finding a hidden cavity
  4. Discovering the tooth compressed between the jaw and another tooth
  5. Diagnosing various gum ailments
  6. Evaluation of the jaw, nerve canals, sinuses, and nasal cavity.

Perks of 3-D Dental X-rays

There are several advantages of 3-D x-rays. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. No Pain: These dental scans are painless. You don’t even get to know that anything is happening. So, you won’t have to worry about the sensitive gums or an aching tooth for getting diagnosed.
  2. Low Cost: Getting an improper treatment, without an adequate diagnosis can prove to be fatal. The accurate results shown by the 3-D x-rays ensure that you do not waste your money on any unnecessary treatments. 

iii. Shorter Scan Time: Within 20-30 seconds your entire mouth is scanned with high-quality x-ray images. Due to this lesser time, there are fewer chances of movements, and thus, lesser retakes. 

  1. Very Less Radiation Exposure: The best thing about these x-rays is the reduced exposure to the radiation which can otherwise be harmful. 


Are 3-D Dental X-rays safe?


With voices raising from various sources, you can be assured of the safety of these 3-D X-ray machines as they possess minimal radiations. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has also allowed children to take up X-rays due to the extremely small amount of radiation. Just in case you are still not assured you can talk to your dentist about it. 


We’ve seen several reasons for how 3-D x-rays are proving to be magnificent in the field of dentistry. Right from easy and accurate diagnosis to more confidence in the treatment procedure, it has transformed the way both the patients as well as the dentists see the oral problems. It is now possible to go to the otherwise inaccessible parts and find out the root cause of the oral problems so that they can be addressed better. These are quick, easy and safe, and you can trust the results. 



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