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Non-Surgical Non-invasive Dental Bio-implant

BioImplant™ is the first dental implant specifically designed for immediate implantation. It is fundamentally different to screw-type implants, and cannot be compared with them in any way.

No longer should a patient be subjected to multiple invasive operations to be fitted to the screw. Instead, fit the implant into the tooth socket. No operation is necessary.

BioImplant™ and its patented form and surface alterations are simply more than just to copy or replicate a tooth.


Why is BioImplant™ Unique?

Each BioImplant™ is fully metal-free and specially customized to perfectly fit only you (it’s as unique as your fingerprint). As it is an optimized root-form it is much more than just to copy or simply replicate of a tooth 1:1.
Since it exactly fills the gap left after your tooth is extracted, in most cases you don’t need any surgery.
The treatment (currently only available in Vienna) consists of three simple steps:

pre-op CT/DVT scan,


careful tooth extraction;

immediate implant placement (same day or on the next day depending on your personal situation);
Recovery time is very fast as neither soft nor hard tissue is traumatized; regularly the day after implant placement there will be no swelling, bruising or pain. After 8-12 weeks healing period, the final crown may be fitted by your dentist.

No Drilling/Cadaver bone

No drilling or surgery, or cadaver bone, is necessary. You never need a sinus lift. The implant is quickly placed with the simplest tools in less than one minute.


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