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Opinion Two Nonprofit Organization is a unique entity dedicated to providing reliable dental education services. By connecting patients to US-licensed dentists, they offer the best dental second opinion.

Connecting Patients and Dentists for a Cause

There is an open dialogue between patients and dentists, creating a conducive environment for learning and sharing knowledge. Furthermore, all proceeds, amounting to $20 per case from patients, are generously donated to scholarships for pre-dental students applying to and accepted into dental school.

A Visionary Leader: Dr. Jordan Thomas

Dr. Jordan Thomas, CEO of Opinion Two Nonprofit Organization and a proud graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, is the visionary behind this noble cause. He attributes his extensive dental knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to his alma mater, stating, “Nadeem Karimbux was a large influence when I was on the curriculum committee and it now has contributed to the relationship with my company SEO Dentist providing marketing services for Tufts Dental CE.”

Contributing to Future Dental Professionals

By seeking a second opinion from Opinion Two, not only do patients gain insight into their dental health, but they also contribute to fostering the next generation of dental professionals. It’s a win-win situation, enhancing dental education while supporting future dentists.




Author Since:  September 20, 2018

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