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When should you go to a cosmetic dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is not something you opt for only if you want to enhance your appearance or improve your smile. According to all dentists associated with the Taylor dental clinic, most patients opt for cosmetic dentistry as it can improve their quality of life. Aesthetic dentistry includes several fields, such as adding veneers to broken teeth. Here are some reasons to pay a visit to a cosmetic dentist.

Getting veneers

If you suffer from a broken or chipped tooth, your dentist will ask you to get a veneer for the damaged tooth. A veneer is a shell resembling teeth that dentists attach to your tooth and will give the impression of a natural tooth. Veneers usually contain porcelain, and the result of wearing dental veneers will be the perfect smile. When you consult the Taylor cosmetic dentistry, dentists and orthodontists from a clinic will tell you that all veneers are customizable. 

This means when a dentist designs a veneer for you, it will blend perfectly with the shape and colour of your teeth. It is also the perfect solution for discoloured and worn-down teeth. Hence, if you suffer from enamel erosion, discoloured teeth, or a gap between teeth, you must visit a cosmetic dentist and get veneers.

Teeth whitening

Patients often visit cosmetic dentists for teeth whitening because it helps make their teeth look better and improves their oral hygiene. Consider that you use your teeth to eat acidic and alkaline products. Moreover, you eat hard, soft, and fibrous food with your teeth. 

As a result, you will have debris known as ‘calculus’ left behind in your teeth. According to dentists associated with the Taylor dental clinic, this can lead to plaque, bad breath, and even dental problems. 

Hence, regular scaling and teeth whitening is essential to maintain the overall health of your teeth. If you want to undertake a teeth whitening treatment, professional dentists like Taylor cosmetic dentistry should do it. 

Teeth whitening is a two-step process where the dentists must remove the debris before adding a whitening agent to make your teeth and smile brighter.

Dental Bonding

You must undergo dental bonding treatment if you suffer from problems like a chipped tooth. This, too, falls under cosmetic dentistry as it enhances the tooth’s appearance. However, patients often mention that dental bonding can help them overcome tooth sensitivity. 

If you have chipped your tooth suddenly, bonding can be the best way to restore the feeling of the entire tooth. Here are some of the situations when your dentist will recommend dental bonding:

  • It is the best solution to fill cracks in your teeth.
  • It is the best solution if you suffer from a chipped tooth.
  • Dentists also recommend dental bonding to fill gaps between teeth.
  • If you want to change the shape of your teeth and make them look longer or better, then your dentist will recommend dental bonding.

Dental bonding is a simple procedure where your dentist will use tooth-coloured resin material to make changes. 

The area will be prepped if your dentist recommends dental bonding for a chipped tooth. He will roughen the chipped part, apply a conditioned liquid, and then resin.

Gum contouring

You will need gum contouring if you have misshapen teeth, leading to receding gums. Your teeth may be loose, and sometimes debris can form in the receding gums. You will need gum contouring to manage the problem and ensure a beautiful smile.

 If you stretch your gums excessively and have a ‘gummy smile,’ you will require gum contouring. You need to visit a cosmetic dentist if you need gum contouring. 

Here your dentist will recommend a laser treatment to give the gums a perfect shape. Once completed, you will not have to repeat the process.

EZ Braces

If you are looking for a treatment that resolves the problem of overcrowding teeth without undergoing extractions, you have to opt for something like EZ braces. These give you a chance to have the perfect smile with fewer adjustments. 

Your dentist might recommend you wear the retainers before you start wearing the braces. This makes it easier to un-crowd your teeth. Hence, if you are looking for a quick solution to the overcrowding of teeth, you will need the help of a cosmetic dentist.

Thus, visiting a cosmetic dentist can become essential when you suffer from problems like chipped and broken teeth or are looking for the best way to fill your dental gaps. He will evaluate the situation and recommend the best treatment. 

If you want the help of the best cosmetic dentists, you must contact Taylor Dental and Braces or visit their websites to learn more about cosmetic dentistry.



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