What is Dry socket? | 5 Tips to Avoid Dry sockets

Dry Socket is a case in which when an adult tooth is extracted the blood clot does not form on the point of extraction of the tooth. Blood clots many get dissolve, leaving the nerves and underlying bones naked. This can also cause server pain in your mouth. Dry socket

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Dry socket and How long does Dry socket last

A dry socket is a painful dental condition, it can happen when you removed your adult permanent tooth. A dental socket is a condition where a blood clot fails to form.  When you remove your permanent teeth and the blood clot fails to form it can happen to die for

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4 Types Of Dental Bridge | 3 Common Dental Bridge problems

If you have more than one missing teeth in a row then your dentist will use a dental bridge to cover them up. The difference between a crown and a dental bridge is that crowns are only available for one tooth whereas a dental bridge consists of multiple bridges. In

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How long does zoom teeth whitening last?

Zoom Teeth Whitening is a process in which your yellow teeth turn white again. This is a simple process and you just need an hour of your day for this. Have you ever wondered why your teeth turn yellow? Well in this article we will answer this question alongside how

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Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure And Benefits

Zoom teeth whitening is a process in which a zoom whitening gel alongside UV rays is used to whiten your teeth. If you have discolored teeth then Zoom teeth whitening is the best option for you to bring back the white color of your teeth. The discoloring of teeth can

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The 6 Reasons why Teeth turn Yellow | Remedies

Have you ever look in to mirror and think that your teeth are turning more and more yellow? Have you ever thought that is the reason behind this? Why your teeth are turning yellow. Well, it is difficult to notice on your own because the yellowing of your teeth happens

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Leukoplakia vs Thrush or Oral Candidiasis

Leukoplakia vs Thrush or Oral Candidiasis all of them are medical problems related to your mouth. In this article, we will learn about the difference between all of these, what causes them, and the symptoms of all of these. Leukoplakia Leukoplakia is a dental problem where white or gray patches

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What is The MYTHS and Truth About Dental Implants?

For decades dental implants are used to replace any missing tooth. Even if you have more than one missing tooth then the dentist can also replace it with the dental bridge. A dental bridge contains more than one false tooth in it. Here is how a dental implant is done.

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