What Are the Causes of Bad Breath And How to Cure Bad Breath?

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Bad breath or Halitosis is a very embarrassing disease. Most people with bad breath are unaware of their problem, but the people around them know for sure and are just embarrassed to tell them. The reaction of people around you when you speak or open your mouth gives you an indication if you have a halitosis problem. However, there are bad breath tests that you can perform. A test is to lick the back of your wrist and let it dry for a minute or two before you feel it. Another method is to scrape over the back of the tongue with an inverted spoon and feel the thick, whitish, dried residue. If you have bad breath, it is important to know how to combat this bad breath.

To fight halitosis, you must first know the causes. Bad breath is caused by an accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. There are more than 600 types of oral bacteria that are prone to overpopulation due to food debris and other factors such as gum problems and tooth decay. The accumulation of anaerobic bacteria on the back of the tongue, gums, and teeth, when mixed with the air in the mouth and exhaled, produces a foul odor or bad breath.

There are two types of bad breath

Temporary or transient bad breath

Temporary bad breath is caused by bad oral hygiene, dry mouth or certain foods such as onions and garlic. Temporary bad breath usually disappears by itself or through better oral hygiene.

Chronic bad breath

Chronic halitosis is more severe and is caused by a continual accumulation of bacteria. It actually requires special treatment and regular visit to the dentist. It is important to know how to combat bad breath before it becomes a chronic bad breath.

Causes of bad breath

  • Medications (including allergy medicines) cause bad breath
  • Alcoholic beverages cause bad breath
  • Mouthwash with alcohol causes bad breath
  • Smoking causes bad breath
  • Dry mouth causes bad breath


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How to Cure Bad Breath?

Since bad breath is caused by an excess of bacteria in the mouth, you should use products that reduce the bacteria to a level that does not cause halitosis:

One way to start the process is to cut off the food source of these bacteria, eliminate the factors that lead to bacterial growth, and go for food that helps promote a healthy oral environment. A good place to start is to stop high-protein diets, eliminate dry mouth, quit smoking, stop drinking, and reduce the consumption of high-protein oral and high-protein foods. Alcohol.

  • Brush and floss for at least 120 seconds regularly:

Proper dental care is always important to prevent and avoid unpleasant breath.

  • Clean your tongue regularly:

Tongue cleaning is one of the most neglected aspects of oral care. Get a tongue cleaner to gently scrape off the whitish part of your tongue, which also aids the spread of bacteria.

  • Go for dental check regularly:

There is a big difference in having the dentist clean your teeth than doing it on your own. Of course, plaque and tartar can only be eliminated if done by your dentist, and keep in mind that these can be causes of bad breath. Visiting your dentist regularly will also help you detect gum problems early which can also be causes of bad-smelling breath.

  • Check your tonsils for tonsil stones:

Tonsil stones are hard deposits at the crypts of your tonsils that may also be a cause for persistent bad-smelling breath. In fact, the major symptom of having tonsil stones is persistent bad breath and that, getting rid of these stones is one good way to eliminate this condition.

  • Avoid caffeine because it can dry out the mouth:

Mouthwashes that contain alcohol can also dry your mouth and you should avoid it. The mouthwash can only provide a temporary solution or hide the problem, but it cannot be completely eliminated. Caffeine and alcoholic drinks are some of the products that can cause mouth dryness. If you avoid them, you can also prevent halitosis.

  • Work on your smoking habit:

Smoking can indeed cause a foul-smelling breath aside from the many risks it can do to your health. If you have developed an addiction to smoking, you can seek help from experts to help you overcome the addiction for good and learn how to fight bad breath caused by smoking.

Listed below are some remedies that are good for eliminating bad breath altogether.

These are some remedies for reducing the smell of bad breath and helping keep bad breath at bay.

  • Drinking hot unsweetened tea daily is a good natural remedy for curing bad breath.
  • Yogurt is an incredibly effective way to cure bad breath completely as it contains the good bacteria that your body needs. Eat yogurt daily for six to seven weeks for best results.
  • Squeezing lemons into the water and using them as a gargle is also a good natural remedy. You must use gargling frequently and do so until all traces of bad breath have disappeared. It’s not a bad idea to gargle from time to time just to hold your breath.
  • Eat an apple a day, apples are an excellent source of good health and are particularly useful in the treatment of bad breath as they serve as a mouthwash and eliminate the bacteria responsible for halitosis.
  • Zinc-rich foods prevent bad breath and at the same time counteract the fight against bacteria.



If you’ve done everything listed above on the solution to bad breath, but your breathing problem does not go away, you can also consult with your dentist to rule out the possibility that other illnesses caused that bad smell in your breath. Apart from tonsil stones, diabetes and liver disease can also cause bad breath.

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