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10 Best Cat Dental Chews

Are you really concerned about the health of your little furry companion? Have you ever felt bad breath from your cat? Yes, just like us, they are also prone to have bad breath and dental problems. Taking them to the vets is quite hectic as this is an expensive procedure and involves anesthesia too, which is strongly disliked by our furry little ones. But what’s the other efficient way? Have you ever heard about a cat’s dental chews?

Dental treats are specially designed to prevent plaque and tartar buildup on the cat’s teeth through mechanical action. However, the texture helps to clean your teeth while your cat chews. These dental gums can also help your cat’s gum to achieve massage and stimulation.  But how do you know which dental chew is best for your cat? To reduce your search period, we’ve shortlisted some of the best cat dental chews to let you make a quicker decision.

If you can’t manage time to review all the products mentioned above, we’ve reduced your time by mentioning here our top product. Dr. Petra CATZZLE cat treats, Dental chews are leading our list of the best cat dental chews due to their unique looking structure, which attracts the cats the most.

Best Cat Dental Chews Features Check Price
Dr. Petra CATZZLE Cat Treats, Dental Chews Puzzle like structure


Check Price
Greenies Feline Natural Dental Care Ideal for adult cat Check Price
Emerald Pet Feline Dental Crunchy All-natural ingredients Check Price
Greenies Feline Natural Dental Chicken Flavor No artificial color


Check Price
Emerald Pet Cat Dental Treat No weight gains


Check Price
Purina DentaLife Adult Dental Cat Treats Enriched with calcium and taurine Check Price
FELINE GREENIES Natural Dental Care Lesser calories Check Price
C.E.T. Intelligent Cat Bites by Virbac Low-fat content Check Price
VetriScience Laboratories –Feline Bites High quantity of probiotics


Check Price
Hartz Dentist’S Best Chicken Flavored 83% reduced tartar


Check Price


Dr. Petra CATZZLE Cat Treats, Dental Chews

Dr.Petra CATZZLE Cat Treats, Dental Chews for Indoor Cats

Beneficial for indoor cats

With their unique puzzle-like structure, these edible sticks can help indoor cats relieve emotional stress and relax. Unlike most cat treats, Dr. Petra CATZZLE encourages healthy chewing and functions as a natural toothbrush. It’s also useful for keeping them from chewing on the wrong things. These healthy pet treats also make excellent cat training treats.

Enriched with real meat

Unlike many other brands, the first ingredient in these cat snacks is real meat, which will entice your cat lover. These sweets contain no poultry by-products, corn, wheat, or soy and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. These candies are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for adult cat care and can be used as sweets, meals, or cat food accessories.

Cranberries and DL-Methionine promote urinary tract health. Furthermore, this cat dentist enjoys the delectable chicken flavor. These make excellent gifts for your cats for any occasion, including birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays.

Pros & Cons

  • Unique shape
  • Helps remove tartar
  • Enriched with hydrolyzed ingredients
  • puzzle-like structure

  • A bit expensive

Final verdict

This oral care for cats will help your cats’ oral cavity gets exfoliated and aids in reducing dental plaque buildup on canines, molars, and incisors. We chose this product as our priority because of the most satisfied customer reviews and their refund policy.

Greenies Feline Natural Dental Care

Greenies Feline Natural Dental Care Cat

Health benefits

Allow your spoiled friend to indulge in this delicious tuna-flavored candy that is good for your teeth and stomach. This product is intended to clean your teeth, reduce tartar buildup, and freshen the breath of your cat. These crunchy candies contain natural ingredients and vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, making them a nutritionally complete and balanced snack for an adult cat. Furthermore, they contain no artificial flavors or preservatives and have fewer than two calories per candy.

Suitable for traveling

Often, when you have to travel somewhere, it is a mess to decide which things to carry which to not. Right? This dental chew comes in a compact size, making it easier for the users to carry it while traveling. Moreover, it features a good crunchy texture that helps reduce bad breath and maintains clean and healthy teeth. All-natural ingredients are another key component of our list; it helps maintain a balanced diet and ensures complete nutrition.

Pros & Cons

  • Natural ingredients
  • Ideal for adult cat
  • No artificial flavor or color
  • Lesser calories

  • Disappointed container

Final verdict

Being the choice of 97% of people, we also recommend you go for this one as it can help maintain the healthy metabolism of your furry friend. People disliked the size of the container it comes with, so you can use any of your convenience.

Emerald Pet Feline Dental Crunchy

Emerald Pet Feline Dental Crunchy Natural

Ideal for Allergic pets

Some of the time, due to the unwellness of your cat, their mouth starts emitting a bad smell which somehow becomes annoying for the owner. It can be tough to locate a suitable dental product for your cat if they have allergies or are on a restricted diet. Emerald Pet Feline Dental Treats are ideal in this situation! These chocolates contain no dairy, grains, soy, or gluten. Aside from their outstanding performance, they do not include any artificial colors or tastes.


Whenever buying dental care for your cat, always consider texture as your priority. The crunchy texture aids in the removal of tartar and plaque from the cat’s teeth. Furthermore, they keep your cat’s breath fresh, which is always a good thing! While the fish shape of this candy is appealing, it also serves a functional purpose. It is intended to ensure that your cat chews this candy to get the most out of it, rather than simply eating it all and waiting for someone else to do so.

Pros & Cons

  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Ideal for cats with a complicated diet
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • All-natural ingredients used

  • Smaller package size

Final verdict

This dairy-free and soy-free cat dental care can be an exceptional choice for cats on a limited ingredient diet. They are authentically manufactured in the U.S.A. with all-natural ingredients.

Greenies Feline Natural Dental Chicken Flavor

Greenies Feline Natural Dental Care Cat 1

Ideal for indoor cats

According to the package, these are veterinarian-recommended cat treats that the Veterinary Oral Health Board has authorized to reduce tartar and be “possibly beneficial.” These snacks are almost entirely focused on the idea that “crispy texture equals clean teeth.” Your little croquettes are sweets that your cat can chew on and breathe in – it’s impossible to say whether they’re corrosive to the cat’s mouth.

The first five elements in the chicken formula are chicken flour, wheat, brown rice, corn gluten flour, and poultry fat. Although these candies have a somewhat more cat-friendly ingredient list than others on this list, they are high in carbs, which may irritate the bacterial population in the cat’s mouth.

Healthy for your cats

GREENIES FELINE GR Dental Cat Treats are intended to keep your cat’s teeth healthy and clean. The crunchy texture of these enticing cat treats cleans your teeth, reduces tartar, and freshens your cat’s teeth, allowing you to enjoy your cuddling time even more. These tasty natural toothpaste are nutritious and balanced for adult cats because they are natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Pros & Cons

  • Amazing flavor
  • Trusted dental chews in the market
  • No artificial color
  • Free from preservatives

  • Rich in carbohydrate

Final Verdict

You can’t really ignore the name of Greenies when it comes to the best cat dental chews. Now you can treat your cats with well-trusted dental care that is friendly on your pocket.

Emerald Pet Cat Dental Treat

Emerald Pet Feline Dental Crunchy Natural

No weight gains

Do you want your cat to be big and lazy? You are most welcome! If you want the tooth talk to have as little impact on your cat as possible, this is the product for you. This emerald candy does not contain barley, which is high in carbohydrates and can contribute to the formation of fat over time.

On the other hand, Emerald Pet has less than two calories per candy and is as thick as a tic-tac, so you don’t have to eat any certain amounts when you feed it to your cat.

Pros & Cons

  • Freshers breathe
  • Natural ingredients
  • Lesser fat content
  • No weight gains

  • A bit overpriced

Final verdict

If you are looking for a product that doesn’t increase your furry friend’s weight, you can grab this product without any doubt.

Purina DentaLife Adult Dental Cat Treats

Purina DentaLife Adult Dental Cat Treats

Taste and Texture

You may satisfy your cat’s yearning for natural chicken flavor while brushing your teeth using the product mentioned above. These crunchy cat treats feature a porous nature that allows them to easily penetrate and surround the tooth for safe and thorough cleaning. Purina DentaLife cat snacks for tartar have been clinically shown to decrease tartar buildup while also providing extra calcium and taurine.

Lifelong care

Purina DentaLife cat snacks can help your cat’s oral health throughout its life with you. Our sweets come in two wonderful flavors that cats love: salmon and chicken and have a great crunch that is cleansed for each piece of dental cleaning. The extra calcium, combined with taurine, an essential amino acid for cats, is supposed to keep your pet’s teeth strong. DentaLife sweets are created without artificial colors or tastes in facilities in the United States, allowing you to offer them to your cat confidently.

Pros & Cons

  • Safe and efficient cleaning
  • Amazing chicken flavor
  • Porous and crunchy texture
  • Enriched with calcium and taurine

  • Equipped with unspecified ingredients

Final verdict

This dental chew is enriched with active and vital ingredients enough to provide your furry little one nutrient it wants.

FELINE GREENIES Natural Dental Care

FELINE GREENIES Natural Dental Care Cat Treats

Ideal for every cat

Every cat has a different nature. Right? Not every pet loves having one flavor, or sometimes they get bored of having one flavor frequently, just like us. Greenies cat nibbles have a crunchy texture intended to keep your cat’s teeth clean and decrease tartar formation. You can select from four different flavors – catnip, chicken, tuna, or salmon – to ensure that your cat enjoys it. Also, the least amount of artificial color helps retain the cat’s health too.

Fresh breath

These Greenies cats also assist in keeping your cat’s breath fresh and clean. Feline Greenies contains no fillers, artificial preservatives, or tastes and is composed entirely of natural ingredients. Instead, be sure that these toothpastes have natural elements that your cat would enjoy.

As an added plus, they contain a blend of vitamins and minerals that help your cat feel at ease both inside and out. These were an easy pick for our overall winner for best dental medicine for cats because they were ranked first among veterinarian-recommended dental treatments for cats.

Pros & Cons

  • No artificial flavor
  • Lesser calories
  • It helps attain fresh and clean breath
  • VOHC approved

  • It can be swallowed in the whole form

Final verdict

You can easily get rid of your pet’s breathing because this dental care assures fresher and cleaner breathe than many others falling in this price tag. Moreover, lesser use of additives and artificial flavors help maintain their health too.

C.E.T. Intelligent Cat Bites by Virbac

C.E.T. Intellident Cat Bites by Virbac

Protects oral health

C.E.T. IntelliDent Cat Bites support healthy teeth and gums. These delicious, crunchy bites work together with a cat’s natural chewing action to reduce plaque and tartar formation related to periodontal disease. It has 3-in-1 tooth rests on cleaning your teeth, freshen up your breath and support your gums. In addition, the healthy formula helps maintain health because it does not contain artificial ingredients.

Moreover, the formula helps reduce plaque alongside tartar buildup in your pet’s oral cavity. It contains lesser calories than many of its competitors, which is a plus point for the users to buy this product.


According to most reviews, some cats refused to have C.E.T. Intelligent cat bites by vibrant due to their hard texture. But in some of the cases, hard textures blend well for many cats as they loved having them. The good crunchy texture will help the cat chew it; in this way, maximum areas of her mouth will be influenced by the dental formula it is equipped with.

Pros & Cons

  • Incredible taste
  • Three threats are enough to work magic
  • Proven results
  • Low-fat content

  • A bit expensive
  • Hard texture

Final verdict

These naturally flavored treats would be a great selection for your kitties as they are enriched with healthy formula. If your pet doesn’t go for hard textured ones, don’t grab this product.

VetriScience Laboratories –Feline Bites

VetriScience Laboratories – Perio Plus Feline Bites

Vital ingredients

These cat bites contain a blend of probiotics, herbs, and other substances that can help enhance your cat’s oral health. Chlorophyll, zinc, and coenzyme Q-10 are all antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substances. As a deodorant and pumice stone, natural zeolite is incorporated. This mix of active substances makes these candies more appealing than conventional cat tooth candy. However, there is a major issue. Most cats do not want to eat them.


The candies are huge and hard, enticing cats to bite into them and reap the advantages of each treatment. However, several customer reviews indicate that the large, tough candies are too difficult to eat, causing their cats to consume them. As a result of this gnawing, your cat may become agitated and unable to eat. According to one Amazon reviewer, her cat “simply got agitated and crying.”

Pros & Cons

  • Each treat is enriched with vital ingredients
  • Low concentration of carbohydrate
  • High quantity of probiotics
  • Improves dental health of your cat

  • Disappointed texture

Final Verdict

All the ingredients used to make this dental care are amazing for your cat’s health, but many of the reviews say that their cats refused to have it due to their hard texture.

Hartz Dentist’S Best Chicken Flavored

Hartz Dentist'S Best Chicken Flavored


These candies have DentaShield technology, which, according to the company, prevents tartar buildup by up to 83 percent. It accomplishes this by adhering to components in the cat’s saliva. It is difficult to deny that these sweets contain improper substances for the species and cause more harm than good to the cat’s teeth. Cornmeal, chicken flour, wheat flour, and corn gluten flour are the key constituents of each sweet. These carbohydrate-rich additions are not good for the cat’s oral ecosystem or overall wellness.

Least additives

Are you highly concerned about the health of your furry little one? If yes, you might be looking for the best dental chew with the least number of additives. Right? Hartz sweets have some elements that may be advantageous to a cat’s dental health, but their other contents make them unsuitable for daily consumption. Consider this a somewhat better alternative to temptations or other inexpensive goodies.

Pros & Cons

  • 83% reduced tartar
  • Enhanced flavor
  • Parsley freshens breathe
  • Easy on pocket

  • Artificial colors added

Final verdict

If your cat continuously rejects all the chews, we recommend exposing your pet to this product. Due to their intense flavor and texture, these are usually a yes for many pets.

Buying Guide

If you’ve recently bought a pet for yourself and are not having much knowledge about the maintenance of your furry one’s health, you are at the right spot. The furry companions are very sensitive and cannot handle extreme conditions; it is really very important to choose the right product for them as the wrong one will only end up in the death sentence. Moreover, breaking your bank on a product without knowing the best qualities would not be a wise step to take.

You must consider some of the most important features of dental chew for cats’ must-haves. This guide of ours mentioning some of the worth considering features will help you choose the accurate product for your pet. Read all of them carefully and make sure the product you are selecting has all of them; this will save your money and your pet’s health.

Synthetic Active Ingredients

Synthetic substances can also be found in dental products. While you may prefer natural delights, there are many excellent synthetic compounds available for tooth health. Chlorhexidine, for example, decreases gluconate plaque and aids in the prevention of gingivitis, while sodium hexametaphosphate binds calcium in saliva to prevent tartar accumulation.

It is a good idea to investigate the ingredients of the cat dental care that you are considering to get a sense of how they will perform.


Cats, like carnivores, do not require grains in their diet. Grains can damage your cat’s health since they can elevate blood sugar levels (particularly refined grains) and add extra calories, leading to weight gain. Therefore, you might want to give grain-free treats to your cat lover.

VOHC Approved

The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) is a non-profit organization that recognizes products that reduce and neutralize plaque and tartar in pets. All products that meet or exceed these criteria are VOHC-certified and may bear the VOHC quality mark. We recommend selecting toothpaste that VOHC has approved since you can be confident that it will work.

Can cats have dental chews?

By providing cat snacks, you can keep an eye on your cat’s teeth, according to the Veterinary Oral Health Council. Teeth snacks or chews for cats are not a complete dental routine, but they are an excellent way to supplement your current teeth cleaning regimen with breath-freshening properties.

How often should a cat’s teeth be cleaned?

Ideally, you should brush your cat’s teeth daily and have your veterinarian perform a professional tooth cleaning once a year if your cat’s gums and teeth are in bad shape or are particularly sore/painful (and if they haven’t been thoroughly cleaned in a while), schedule a professional cleaning with your veterinarian.

How much do vets charge to clean cat’s teeth?

According to Nationwide Pet Insurance, the average pet cleaning fee was $ 190, increasing to $ 404 when dental disease required treatment. Your veterinarian can provide a more personalized estimate. In that case, most pet owners prefer buying or investing in a good dental chew for their pets.


After going through the best-reviewed products of our best cat dental chews list, you can now choose one for your furry mate. Always make sure the one you are selecting should have a strong flavor so that your furry mate gets attracted to the taste. Moreover, all-natural ingredients will help maintain your cat’s health alongside reducing bad breath. You can assure the quality of the product you are choosing by looking for VOHC approval. We hope you liked our guide and succeeded in selecting one for you.


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