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Better brushing

Why Better Brushing

At times you need to do everything painlessly and with no or very little straining. Brushing either is not an exception when you seek comfort in all the activities that you undertake. With Better Brush, you can make your muscles and nerves more relaxed every time you brush your teeth. Unlike the ordinary toothbrush, Better Brush takes away all the pain and strain during and after brushing.

Teeth Brushing

How To Adapt It?

I assure you that you will never exhaust the goodness of this Better Brush immediately you start using it. For those prone to pains, while brushing, or have a painful brushing experience before, Better Brush is the solution. A unique, ergonomic toothbrush can ease the adaptation process for you.

How to brush teeth
How to brush teeth

A lot of people with similar experiences have testified of the milestone in brushing, that they have made since they started using this toothbrush. The inventor of this Better Brush, Jared, who used to feel cramps on his hands while brushing, the use of Better Brush has made it a thing of the past.

Similarly, his arthritic mother no longer complains of pains while brushing with Better Brush. A myriad of testimonies from Better Brush users also reaches us at every moment. So, get relief from your neck, back, shoulder, wrist, and rotator pain by choosing the Better Brush.

Save Yourself Before Pain Reaches Your Teeth

If the pain has not reached you yet, then you better get the Better brush quickly to avoid plunging yourself into that situation. Better Brush will allow you to brush from a natural position and by using a different group of muscles and hand positions: this is the flawless alternative to your traditional and ordinary brush.

I believe everybody does want whiter teeth. You may have tried so many things to make your teeth clean, sometimes in vain. Better Brush gives you a pleasant brushing experience, that will leave your teeth cleaner. Its comfortable brittles make you brush increasingly hence cleaner teeth: the more you brush, the cleaner your teeth.

Tooth brushing techniques
Tooth brushing techniques

Being comfortable is the end goal of every person and design. We understand that at the end of the day you need to remain comfortable before, during, and after brushing your teeth. Better Brush adopts a design that enhances your comfortability as you brush.

Better brushing goes hand in hand with better hygiene. Better Brush is an exceptional brush that enables you to have healthier teeth. Its bristles are comfortable hence brushing will be without any pain: it is through this that you will maintain your brushing and hygiene.

The satisfaction of Doing Better Tooth Brush

How satisfying will it be when using a product that helps you to conserve the environment amid this period when environmental sustainability is the walk of the day. Better Brush takes environmental sustainability so seriously in its manufacturing. The plastic that we use is a hundred percent compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable. It is also good to note that even our factory uses solar energy at times when it is possible,  appropriate water and energy recycles and cleans wastewater for use in the factory. Finally, we reduce energy and water consumption by using heat exchangers in our factory. Contribute to environmental sustainability by purchasing the Better Brush.

A unique, ergonomic toothbrush


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