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Do you have buck teeth? Maybe you are humiliated to grin or find it challenging to eat? You might even have jaw joint issues because of abnormal teeth? If any of these concerns you, you might be pondering your choices and need to ask how to get rid of buck teeth without braces. Assuming that you have slanted teeth, there are indeed just two methods for treating them:...
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7 Methods to Achieve That Perfect Smile
Ever wondered what differentiates you from that one person everyone at work likes? While there could be many reasons, the most likely one is their smile. A person with a perfect smile is more liked since they're attractive and appear friendly. That's the reason the dental service market is worth a whopping in the US alone. Chances are, you've probably thought about...
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Dental Bonding
You might have thought at least once in your life about why your teeth are so strong. You can chew anything with them or even bite your nails (although that’s not a good habit), but still, your teeth remain the strongest. So, what is the exact thing which keeps them strong? This is none other than the strongest material produced in your body, i.e., Enamel. Over time and due to some unwanted reasons, the enamel decays...
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What is Denture Relining? | Types & Procedure
In the recent age of dentistry, we have dentures or false teeth that serve as a great alternative to natural teeth. These durable, long-lasting dentures are designed to effectively and safely replace any lost teeth to bring back your genuine, .While dentures can last you a while, you may need to get a denture relining if they don’t fit as well as they should. Here we help you out with the denture lining, the denture relining procedure, and everything else you need...
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Biting Your Tongue During Sleep?
Most of us bite our tongue or cheek from time to time. Typically, it hurts for a few days and then heals on its own. But sometimes, we keep repeating the same action, and biting the tongue or cheek becomes a real problem. Excessively biting the tongue or cheek can cause chronic swelling, bleeding, pain, soreness and can even lead to infections and . When tongue biting or cheek biting has become more than just a min...
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What Happens if a Cavity is Left Untreated?
One of the worst things you can get to hear is that you have a cavity. It can be embarrassing to know that you were not careful enough with your to have ended up with a cavity. Cavities come with pain, but when it's bearable, one would often put it off in the midst of a busy schedule. While people may take it very lightly, cavities can lead to serious issues if left untreated. What happens if your cavity is left untreated? Here’s what you need to know....
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what not to do after getting a filling
Dentist, Toothache, Cavity, Filling …. These words can scare anyone, no matter how old or young are you. Ironically these words mostly come together. As cavity causes toothache, The solutionist is a Dentist, and the solution is Dental filling. But we always are scared of what not to do after getting a filling? What is teeth Filling? ...
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Can a Crown be Replaced?
Dental crowns are a unique and efficient way of restoring and rebuilding . It works like a tooth cap that helps to increase the life of your natural teeth. While for around 10 to 15 years, every crown is designed differently and may have to be repaired or replaced earlier. To determine when your crown needs to be replaced or repaired, your dentist will need to examine it. Is crown replacement possible? When is it needed and how is a crown replaced? Here is everything yo...
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Single Tooth Replacement Options
Dentists always ensure their patients receive the best , giving them strong and healthy teeth. Your smile can affect your confidence level. Missing teeth will not only affect your smile but result in low confidence. While the dentist's first attempt is always to preserve the patient's natural teeth, it isn’t possible in some cases. Your can help you uncover the best tooth-replacement option. Since everyone’s situa...
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Exposed Tooth Root
If you’ve ever felt that your teeth seem a little longer than they should, or if your gums look like they are being pulled back from the teeth, it could be a dental concern. An exposed tooth root can be a problem to deal with because it can cause sensitivity and sharp pain when eating cold, hot, spicy, sour foods or when . So what are the causes of receding gums? Why can you see your teeth through the gums? Here is everything you need to know....
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