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Gum Graft Procedure
Maintaining your is a must, but in some cases, when you aren’t taking enough care, gum recession can occur. This happens when your gum tissue starts to wear away and exposes the tooth root. Since the gum recession is a slow process, most people won’t even realize that it’s happening till things get worse.  While some people opt for a gum graft for cosmetic purposes, like getting a better smile, however, in...
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How Much Retainers Cost
Once your orthodontic treatment with the traditional braces or aligners is complete, your orthodontist may recommend retainers to help keep the teeth in their new places. As the name suggests, retainers are designed to “retain” the new position of the teeth, so they don’t go back to their old location.  What retainers are, why you need them, the types of retainers, the Essix retainer cost, and everything else will be covered here. ...
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what is an overbite in humans
You might have heard about overbites. But do you know what is an overbite in humans? As indicated by researchers a History of How We Cook and Eat, the utilization of eating utensils is a common cause for overbites. Archaeological proof from 250 years prior had an edge-to-edge chomp, like chimps, in which the two arrangements of teeth met up equally. It was precious in tearing food with one's teeth....
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Wisdom Tooth
If you have recently undergone an oral surgery like a wisdom teeth extraction, or are recovering from the procedure, you may have certain queries in mind for example when doing my wisdom teeth stitches dissolve, or how the healing process will be. Many people are worried about whether these stitches dissolve, and if so, how long does it take? Here we will cover everything about wisdom teeth stitches and when they dissolve. Let’s go ahead!...
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Dental Fillings
Dental cavities are among the most common health issues in the world, being responsible for 10-15% of the healthcare budgets in industrialized countries. Although initially painless, cavities can grow to affect the root of the tooth, affecting the quality of life and causing severe and infection. With the prevalence of the condition, it is likely that you or a loved...
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What Colors make your teeth look white With Braces?
Ever wondered what colors make your teeth look white with braces? Getting a friendly straight smile with braces is a process. You are, without a doubt, eager to see the final results while trying to keep your smile as attractively cosmetically as possible until the end of the trip. Fortunately, when your braces are over, and all the dental work is over, you will have a beautiful, natural and functional smile that you can show with impatience anywhere, but what can you do...
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Why is my Tongue itchy?
Does your mouth feel itchy for quite some time and you have been ignoring it? Or you are trying to treat it at home but the itchiness is still the same? Then you have landed on a very precise post. The most common cause of this problem is some fungal infection, pollen, latex, or a food allergy that causes oral thrush in the mouth and so you feel itchy. On the other hand, this is not the only cause of this problem. Mayb...
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White Spots on Gums
Have you ever stood at your bathroom mirror to admire the pearly whites you worked so hard on? They do look rather lovely, right? But wait, your gums, those aren't supposed to be white! White spots on gums may look worrying, as any apparent physical change tends to be. However, it's too soon to panic just yet. White spots on your gums can be a symptom of various conditions that may be perfectly harmless or indicate an...
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Get White Teeth
Maintaining is as essential as other aspects of your health. Smiling can boost your mood and lower blood pressure and stress levels. Did you know that? Nevertheless, some people prefer not to smile, mainly because they don’t feel comfortable with the look of their teeth. Teeth discoloration is one reason that causes people to lose their confidence. Don’t worry; there are ways to get the white teeth again! How to get white teeth from yellow? Let’s not keep you wait...
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