Braces Colors that Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

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braces colors that make your teeth look whiter

In some cases, teeth alignment can become an issue. A century or so back, in 1819, Francois Delabarre, to treat this misalignment of teeth braces introduced braces to treat these problems.

These proved to be very helpful in treating crooked teeth, yet still ended up acting as uncomfortable and painful metal contraptions that were bound to cause damage to your mouth or even cause sores. They were very prominent and made people look odd. 

People in ancient times considered teeth to depict the beauty and made similar struggles in fixing the flaws. Currently, many available treatments can make your teeth look whiter and the treatment less noticeable in the modern day. 

What are Dental Braces?


Dental braces treat problems such as crooked teeth or a bad bite. Dentists offer this treatment in orthodontic, which helps you recover these issues over some time, depending on the complexity of the problem. 

Need for Dental Braces

There are many reasons one should have braces. Some of them are:

One of the main reasons people seek the help of a dentist is because of malocclusion, which refers to the problem in the alignment of teeth or the protrusion of one or more teeth over others.

This mainly occurs either because of inheritance, injury, thumb sucking, or tooth loss in childhood. 

Sometimes, this causes a bad bite, meaning that this disarrangement can cause speaking or even chewing problems. This, therefore, requires proper treatment.

Braces Colors that Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

Although there are many forms and kinds of braces available in the market, and their prices vary across the globe, some can help you keep your natural smile such that your smile is not affected by the newly introduced braces. 

For this, let’s have a look at the kinds of braces available and which ones you feel will suit you best and will help your teeth look whiter. 

Types of Braces in Market

a girl having Braces

The different dental braces in the market, in modern days, are less noticeable and are attached to each tooth individually or at the back of teeth to make them less visible. The materials used for their making are usually a combination of plastic, ceramics, or metals.

These can also be made in similar colors to your teeth to give you a better smile. These can be customized to resemble smileys for those who choose to be creative. 

There are two main kinds of braces, fixed by the dentist and taken off when the procedure is complete, and the other is removable, which depends on the client when to attach or remove them. 

1. Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common kind used by most people and have been here for about 100 years. This treatment is better if you want to depend on the dentist to treat you entirely rather than taking any responsibility on your part. 

It involves the attachment of metal braces individually to each tooth. These are wired together and are pulled back with the help of elastic that comes in a range of colors. The patient can choose as per requirement and taste. 

These tend to be problematic in some cases as the metal wires and the anchor at the end of the teeth can cause damage to your mouth.

Despite this, it requires the least effort on your part. The dentist tightens the wire during appointments conducted after every few weeks.

If you seek braces colors that make your teeth look whiter, you could try this treatment as it allows you to choose the color you want that best suits you.

2. Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are less visible as their color is similar to the color of your teeth. These are also affordable as compared to invisible aligners. People tend to draw towards them because of these two plus points.

Compared with metal braces, these are less noticeable and affordable. However, they have their drawbacks too. These are slightly larger compared to metal braces and can cause stains depending on your diet and brushing habits.

To learn more about ceramic braces comparison and cost, read this article.

3. Self-Ligating Braces

These differ from traditional braces as tiny elastic bands or metal wires are installed in each bracket separately to hold the archwire in place. There are two main kinds of self-ligating braces, i.e., active and passive.

The active ones involve a sliding spring clip mechanism that pushes against the archwire using pressure. In comparison to active brackets, these include using a simple sliding tool and do not press against the archwire. This kind is generally more comfortable. 

4. Lingual Braces

This kind of braces installation is unique and is a skill not many dentists hold. It is very uncommon as it is not taught in dentistry, and hence some dentists can master it. It involves braces installation behind the teeth rather than on top of the teeth. This makes them barely visible. 

However, there is one problem. This can cause a temporary tongue lisp till your tongue gets used to the new applied braces. Secondly, they can also cause bruises on your tongue to touch the metal clips behind the teeth. 

But again, this kind is helpful if you seek braces colors that make your teeth look whiter. So other than the color, you can also get braces that “aren’t even visible.”

5. Clear Aligners

Lastly, the most invisible of all visible braces are the invisible aligners. Although costly, they will make your teeth look whiter compared to other cases where the color is similar but not the same.

Clear aligners are sets of transparent aligners that can be removed. They barely require any proper dentist visits as these sets are worn one after the other, pulling your teeth back. Except for this, there are many dental issues clear aligners can fix

All in all, if you are looking for braces that will make your teeth look whiter, the best choice is the clear aligners (despite the cost). If you seek an affordable treatment, choose a transparent tone of color for your elastic bands for metal braces or decide to go for ceramic braces which resemble the color of your teeth.

Choose the lingual braces, which can be attached behind your teeth, making your treatment invisible.

If you’re looking for the best clear aligner, read our article on the best clear aligner brands.

If you’re wondering how old you should be to get braces, then our article to get all the information.


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