Braces with Crowns on Teeth | Can I Have Braces with Crowns,fillings or Implants?

Braces with Crowns on Teeth

Braces are becoming more and more common in adults; braces are normally used to straighten out all of your teeth and it is the best option available till now. The thing is that most of the adults also have crowns and veneers in their teeth. So, many people ask the question that whether they can have braces on their false teeth or not. Well in this article we will answer some of the most common questions asked by people regarding this issue.

Can I Have Braces with Crowns?

This is one of the basic questions that a lot of people ask us if they can have braces on the top of the crowns. Well, traditional crowns come at the last. The dentist first straight out all of your teeth then they do dental implants which consist of crowns. This is the basic way and more reliable method.

But for some cases, if you have missed out on straightening the teeth and direct went for the crowns then don’t worry you can do braces at the last also. Well. The crowns are implants in the correct order so you don’t need to correct the shape of crowns, you just need to straighten out the natural teeth. So, the dentist will only apply brackets to your natural teeth to straighten them out. Crowns will be left out because they are already straightened out during the surgery.

But mostly when you go for braces after the crown surgery dentist recommends you to go for Invisalign as they are a much better option for you at this point. Invisalign is a clear piece of plastic which are custom built for your teeth. You might have to go to the dentist option for 3-4 time as the Invisalign need to change after some short time to make sure that they are making enough pressure on your teeth so they can straighten out.


Braces with Crowns on Teeth


Will my crown filling will be affected with braces?

Well, this is not true; you don’t need any refiling in your crown when you are going for braces. The dentist will just place the braces on the top of the natural teeth and the crown will be left behind. The main reason is that in most cases crowns don’t need to straighten out because when they are implants in your oral, they are implanted correctly.

Do Braces and Fillings Work Together?

People with fillings often seek orthodontic treatment. Crooked teeth could be one of the reasons you are prone to tooth decay, as food accumulates in the spaces between your teeth, and regrown teeth are difficult to clean.

The orthodontist will first evaluate the entire oral cavity to determine how to handle braces and fillings. The material of the fillings should not interfere with the treatment, but larger fillings may require spacers, which are rubber bands placed around the tooth to make room for braces and bands.

However, any cavities you currently need to be filled before you can begin orthodontic treatment. Hopefully, you won’t develop cavities while wearing the brace, but if you do, you can still get a filling during orthodontic treatment. However, the braces are difficult to move and sometimes the pad must be removed to complete the filling. During orthodontic treatment, dental caries should be avoided at all costs. If you need advice on brushing your teeth with staples, visit our brass care page and feel free to ask any questions!


Braces with Crowns on Teeth


Can I Have Dental Implants and Braces?

Although existing dental implants cannot be removed with braces, people with missing teeth can have implants after orthodontic treatment. Therefore, the remaining teeth are already in place, so that the dental implant can be positioned correctly in the space that remains between the right teeth.

Dental implants and orthodontic appliances are an option that your orthodontist can discuss with you based on your individual needs.


Having braces after the dental implants like crowns is possible but more commonly dentist will straight out all of your teeth first and then went for the braces. This is because it is much simpler and easy to do. But if somehow you were unable to have braces before crowns then don’t worry you can have braces after that also.

But mostly at this time dentist will recommend you to choose Invisalign for the treatment as they are much simpler and easy as compare to braces. To learn more about this you can read the article above.


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