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Can a Dentist Fix Loose Teeth?

Dentist Fix Loose Teeth: Those who have attended the dentist will know that there are plenty of treatments available for those with damaged or missing teeth, but what about patients that only have loose teeth?

Don’t worry, loose teeth can be treated, although time is of the essence. The treatment available may also vary depending on what it was that lead to the tooth becoming loose.

A Trauma Incident

Nobody really knows the impact of a trip or fall until they visit a medical professional. However, if you’ve damaged your teeth following trauma, it’s advisable to visit a professional dentist as soon as possible.

The emergency dentist will be able to carry out an assessment as to whether teeth can be saved, or whether another approach is required.

Evidently, this can be a very worrying time, but it’s important to remain calm. Often a professional dentist shouldn’t have any issue in finding a remedy for your pearly whites.

If teeth can be saved, it’s not unusual for them to be bonded to other teeth for security

Poor Oral Hygiene

If you know you’re lapsing when it comes to oral hygiene, we can feel embarrassed, but it’s important that patients don’t put their hand in the sand.

A visit to the dentist not only allows to determine what’s causing the problems but also give some guidance as to how this can be treated moving forward.

Loose teeth can arise from several reasons but ensuring that you’re carrying out daily routines and visiting a professional as regularly as possible ensures that you maintain a healthy set of teeth moving forward.



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