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Braces Colors that Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

In some cases, teeth alignment can become an issue. A century or so back, in 1819, Francois Delabarre, to treat this misalignment of teeth braces introduced braces to treat these problems. These proved to be very helpful in treating crooked teeth, yet still ended up acting as uncomfortable and painful

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How to Whiten Teeth with Braces? A Full Guide

Using the bleaching agents or any home remedy that contains the high intensity of the peroxides can be seriously damaging for the metal. The metal may deteriorate, causing a severe effect on your teeth’ health. It’s better to avoid such techniques, especially when you have sensitive teeth. Tips to Whiten

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How Long Can a Tooth Infection Go Untreated?

Infection in any part of the body is not safe, especially when left untreated for a longer period, whether in your tooth or anywhere in the body. Regardless of its severity, an infection is left untreated for more than a week, it could worsen and create several issues. Types of

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How To Fill a Hole in a Tooth at Home? Things to Know!!

Good health is an essential part of your life and well-being, and having good dental hygiene is a vital part of your good health. Toothaches can be agitating, but they are one of the most common medical issues and this makes dentistry a profession with a wide scope. Having healthy

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How to Remove Tartar From Teeth Without Dentist?

Your dental hygiene is a crucial element of your healthcare. It is necessary that you maintain your teeth in excellent health and live a safe and healthy life. One must take careful measures to ensure dental, oral health, and hygiene, and to do so, other than routine checkups, one must

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What Happens When You Don’t Brush Your Teeth?

Although not brushing your teeth for just a single day won’t do anything terrible, skipping it quite often can have a drastic effect on your oral health. You need to understand that brushing your teeth alone isn’t enough; instead, you need to take proper care of your oral health and

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7 Best Electric Toothbrush and Water Flosser Combo 2021

Maintaining good oral health is necessary because believe us, no one likes dentist’s visits and checkups. Oral health problems such as cavities and gum disease can lead to severe problems like bad breath, pain, and general discomfort. To avoid dental problems and to keep your oral health at its best,

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Unconsciously Clenching Jaw | Causes, Treatment & Facts

If you have ever woken up with a sore face, tight jaw, or a dull headache, you might be clenching  jaw unconsciously in the night. Bruxism, teeth clenching, or grinding is a relatively common condition among people today and several factors trigger this condition. While this normally happens during your

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Oral-B Smart 1500 Review | Best Electric Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth regularly and properly is essential for maintaining good oral hygiene. It’s not just about oral health, a bright smile also helps improve your confidence. While brushing regularly is necessary, dentists suggest that electric toothbrushes are much better in maintaining oral health than manual ones. Being more beneficial

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