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What Happens if You Smoke After Getting a Tooth Pulled?

Following a tooth extraction, smoking can build the degree of pain you can feel from where the tooth is removed. Many people who have the habit of smoking find it difficult to ignore their smoking routines but smoking can have adverse effects on the tooth removal site in the mouth

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How Long after Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Vape?

The wisdom tooth appears at the age between 17 and 25. In some people it appears normally and aligned with other morals. The pain of wisdom tooth removal has no comparison with other pain. Wisdom tooth extraction is the process of fixing the problems of the last molar set. It

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What to do if Dental Abscess Bursts on its own?

What to do if dental abscess bursts on its own? Dental abscess cases usually require immediate attention so that all the pus can be drained with proper care but what to do in case of it bursting in its own? Dental abscess treatment needs to be carried out with professional

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Why Does the Roof of My Mouth Hurt When I Eat?

There are some common sources to explain why the roof of the mouth hurts and causes you discomfort while you eat. It can have many possible causes, so one should not instantaneously assume the worst-case scenario. Some of the more common issues are discussed below. Burns & Bumps Any hot

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How To Do Tonsil Stones Removal, Tools & Guide

Here you will discover the effective methods to remove the stones in the tonsils, also known as tonsilloliths are white or yellowish pus balls that are formed in the tonsils their causes are usually many as the low consumption of vegetables and fruits, the lack of oral hygiene and some

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How Long Does Dental Numbing Last?

What is Dental Numbing? Getting numb or numbness means a lack of feeling or sensation. This happens when a dentist uses an anesthetic medication near a bunch of nerves. This affects the synapses and then blocks sensation in that particular area. This helps dentists or doctors to carry out a

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When Can I Eat After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

When will I be able to eat after wisdom teeth removal? The initial healing after a tooth extraction takes one or two weeks, however, you can eat before the site is completely cured. The time frame for what you can eat will vary depending on the procedure. After a difficult

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33 Celebrities With False Teeth In 2023

Are you thinking in realize a dental implantology? Do not hesitate to submit yourself to the dental implants. Imagine until the celebrities they opted for this great change in their image, tell me why can not you do it? Just check out Hollywood fake teeth. Let’s go to see stars

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