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What is Dry mouth or Xerostomia Health Care Guideline

This is a condition where your salivary glands do not produce enough saliva to keep your mouth wet – this causes an issue with digestion – and with the protection of gums and teeth from disease and decay. Causes It is usually a side effect of medications, illnesses, and radiotherapies.

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What is Abscessed Tooth? Its Causes and Treatment

An abscess on the tooth is usually pus caused by bacteria. It can occur anywhere on the tooth, for various reasons. The three main kinds of abscesses are: Periapical abscess – on the tip of the tooth Periodontal abscess – on the gum next to the root of the tooth

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Dental Fillings What are your choices and how does it work?

Dental Fillings A dental filling is a procedure done to restore a damaged tooth so that it can function normally. To give you a filling, first, the dentist needs to remove the damaged parts of the tooth, clean the affected area to avoid any infections, and then fill the cavity.

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What is Periodontitis? Causes – Diagnosis – Treatment – CARDS DENTAL

Periodontitis is an infection of the gums and possibly jaws, which can cause permanent jaw damage and lead to tooth loss. Untreated Periodontitis has been linked to increased risk for conditions such as heart disease, stroke, low birth weight babies, preterm delivery, respiratory disease, and prostate cancer. In advanced stages,

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When should my child start going to the dentist?

Our teeth have been developing since before our birth, and usually come out after 4 months. The dentist should be involved as soon as the first teeth erupt. This is also the time to start brushing the teeth. It is acceptable to not go to the dentist in the first

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Broken and Chipped Teeth Treatment

, Sometimes when we bite different things or injure our mouths, our teeth can be broken. How we get it treated depends on the size of the break. How can we take care of our broken teeth? Gargle with saltwater, so that you do not infect any injuries that you

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Why should I go for a Dental Implant? Getting Best Dental Implants

Getting the Best Dental Implants Without a doubt, dental implants have completely changed the replacement of teeth procedures. That’s because, before the invention of dental implants, patients were not able to chew certain kinds of foods with their dentures. But all that has changed since then. But before we get

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All You Need To Know About Dentysta Gliwice

All You Need To Know About Dentysta GliwiceDentysta Gliwice: Looking for a brighter smile? Well, today you will easily find numerous Dental Clinics. That pride themselves in having the best speciality dentists and associates in place. That being the case, it can be such a hassle finding the best dental

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Can a Dentist Fix Loose Teeth?

Can a Dentist Fix Loose Teeth? Dentist Fix Loose Teeth: Those who have attended the dentist will know that there are plenty of treatments available for those with damaged or missing teeth, but what about patients that only have loose teeth? Don’t worry, loose teeth can be treated, although time

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