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What Causes The Black Triangle Between Teeth? 7 Reasons

Do you know what causes the black triangle between teeth? Black dark triangles between your teeth, called open gingival embrasures, are one of the conditions that people often want to repair. About 66% of people over the age of 20 have. It is essential to understand how they develop and

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Want To Know How Long Do Human Teeth Last?

Do you know, how long do human teeth last? Do you want to feel offended if someone called you a diphyodont (dif-ee-uh-not)? The good news is that there is no need to pass your learning since the moniker applies to almost all mammals. It simply means having two sets of

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Reasons For Loose Tooth and How to Treat It

Loose teeth are a common problem in children and wouldn’t be anything to worry about. However, if a loose tooth occurs in an adult, it should be considered a matter of concern. Why? Because while children’s milk teeth are replaced naturally, permanent teeth cannot be naturally replaced. While some loose

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Gum Graft Procedure | Recovery, Cost

Maintaining your oral health is a must, but in some cases, when you aren’t taking enough care, gum recession can occur. This happens when your gum tissue starts to wear away and exposes the tooth root. Since the gum recession is a slow process, most people won’t even realize that

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How Much Does A Filling Cost?

Dental cavities are among the most common health issues in the world, being responsible for 10-15% of the healthcare budgets in industrialized countries. Although initially painless, cavities can grow to affect the root of the tooth, affecting the quality of life and causing severe toothache and infection. With the prevalence

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How to Get White Teeth Naturally?

Maintaining good oral health is as essential as other aspects of your health. Smiling can boost your mood and lower blood pressure and stress levels. Did you know that? Nevertheless, some people prefer not to smile, mainly because they don’t feel comfortable with the look of their teeth. Teeth discoloration

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White Spots on Gums | Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Have you ever stood at your bathroom mirror to admire the pearly whites you worked so hard on? They do look rather lovely, right? But wait, your gums, those aren’t supposed to be white! White spots on gums may look worrying, as any apparent physical change tends to be. However,

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Why does my lip swell up randomly? Risk Factors, Symptoms

When you’re at a gathering, conversing, or with colleagues, you may sense that you are feeling hot. It’s perfectly natural, and nothing is wrong with it. But, if your lips are burning, it’s possible that you’re not wearing enough sunscreen. If your lips are burning and you want to avoid

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10 Tips for How to cure tooth sensitivity at Home

Do you want to know how to cure tooth sensitivity at home? Because it’s a tough habit to break, being ready to take care of their teeth at home is essential. When your teeth start to decay, it’s vital to take care of them at home so you don’t have

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