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6 Reasons You Should Go To the Dentist

Similar to a complete health check-up, the dental health check-up is equally important. Scheduling a regular visit to a dental clinic will keep your oral health good. Dentists are specialized in the art of oral and dental care. You indeed need to visit the dentist every 6 months to ensure

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Should You Floss Before or After Brushing Teeth?

Flossing is an important hygiene habit to clear the teeth to remove plaque and unwanted bacteria. If you brush your teeth regularly still you are in a need of flossing the teeth. A toothbrush does not go deep enough into the teeth to remove food debris that is stuck in

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When Can I Smoke After Tooth Extraction?

Smoking is bad for health. It affects the whole body system from the mouth to toe and is the mother of many diseases. If you are an avid smoker, then this line is no more than words for you. But even then, doctors suggest avoiding smoking to protect your teeth

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What Happens if You Smoke After Getting a Tooth Pulled?

Following a tooth extraction, smoking can build the degree of pain you can feel from where the tooth is removed. Many people who have the habit of smoking find it difficult to ignore their smoking routines but smoking can have adverse effects on the tooth removal site in the mouth

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How Long after Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Vape?

The wisdom tooth appears at the age between 17 and 25. In some people it appears normally and aligned with other morals. The pain of wisdom tooth removal has no comparison with other pain. Wisdom tooth extraction is the process of fixing the problems of the last molar set. It

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Thera Breath Tonsil Stones Removal Kit Review 2021

What are tonsil stones? Tonsil stones refer to the medical condition where debris comprising of bacteria, dead cells, mucus, and calcified deposits combined to form hard stones inside the tonsil crypts (grooves and crevices in the tonsils). These are smelly and sometimes painful. The tonsils are tissues made up of

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The Importance Of Dental Care For Seniors

The Importance Of Dental Care For Seniors Seniors are prone to a number of serious dental issues. From gum disease to dry mouth, these issues should be addressed and treated promptly. After all, oral health problems that are left untreated can result in other serious health problems. For seniors, caring

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Teeth Stains: 7 Most Common Ways People stain Their Teeth

Teeth stains may be caused by a lot of reasons and factors, including your food, drinking, smoking, brushing, Bad oral hygiene, habits, excessive fluoride or medication and drugs use. 1.Drinking – Teeth Stains Drinking dark liquids that leave behind a stain, such as soda coffee or tea 2.Smoking And Tobacco Using Tobacco, such

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Tooth Decay | Causes And Prevention | 5 Dental care Tips

Tooth decay is demineralization or softening of your tooth. Structure of the tooth is damaged by different factors like acids, bacteria, the plaque which have bacterias produce acids by the breakdown of sugar in your mouth if this form is untreated it will cause cavities formation in your teeth.   Tooth

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