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20 Ways to Achieve Success with Dentists Marketing

At Dental Marketing Innovators, we work with many dental marketing companies who are often looking for new and innovative ways to approach the dental industry. As such, we’ve become familiar with what works and what doesn’t when marketing to dentists across the United States.   What is Dentists Marketing? Before

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How To Ask Your Patients For Reviews: 5 Tips For Success

Asking your patients for reviews is a great way to increase patient satisfaction, and provides an opportunity to share their thoughts about you and your service. The validation your business receives from online reviews has an effect on the psychology of new patients. They overwhelmingly trust online reviews as much

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Why Dentists Need To Know About Digital Marketing

  Marketing is a top priority for any business that wishes to excel in this competitive world of marketization. There are a number of different platforms that can be effectively used in marketing products as well as services. With the rapid growth of digital media, digital marketing has become the

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How to attract new Patients to your Dental Practice?

If you have launched a new dental office or if you are running out of your patience then you always wonder how you can attract more patients to your clinic. It can be simple and as well as difficult depending upon your situation. I have just opened a clinic than

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Using SEO to Get more Dental Patients

In the modern age of digitalization, everything from sales to marketing has moved online. This drastic change has moved the search for services to search engines like Google. This means that services providers and companies now have an online platform to reach their audience, but this does not make things

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4 Huge Marketing Mistakes Dentists Make With Advertising

4 Huge Dental Marketing Mistakes Dentists Make With Advertising These mistakes are costing you big money. Fixing them can help you increase your client volume and customer retention. The older marketing methods are not as effective as they used to be. The world has gone digital. If you want to

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