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Tips and Advice for Getting Used to Your New Dentures

Getting new dentures is sure to improve your life in many different ways. But as great as it might feel to be able to smile with confidence again and chew your food without problems, the first few days of having dentures can take some adjustment. There are a few things

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What To Do When You Damage Your Teeth?

Having a chipped or broken tooth can be extremely painful and lead to many complications if not treated. In this blog post, we will discuss the signs of a chipped or broken tooth, how it can happen, and what you should do if your tooth becomes chipped or breaks. We’ll

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8 Proven Ways to Improve your Smile to Perfection

Who doesn’t want the perfect smile – where our teeth have a sheen, with no crooked tooth or stains insight. Having a great smile allows us to laugh from the bottom of our hearts while showing all of our teeth. Most importantly, when you’re satisfied with your own smile, it

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Reasons why Dental Check-ups are Important

A six-monthly dental check-up is perhaps the most important, yet the least looked-forward-to appointment for the majority. You may not like frequent dental check-ups but their necessity cannot be overlooked. Frequent dental visits are perhaps the most important element for good oral health and if you are not regular in

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What Is Tooth Remineralization (And How Do You Do It?)

Tooth demineralization happens when the tooth’s enamel wears away. It happens naturally as people age, but there are things that we do that can speed up the cruel side of nature. Things like smoking, eating sugary foods, and poor oral hygiene all deteriorate our teeth’ enamel. As a Tufts University

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Best Full Mouth Toothbrush of 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

Brushing our teeth regularly is, without a doubt, one of the most common parts of our daily dental care routine. Everyone should brush their teeth at least once a day, if not more. While there are thousands of people brushing their teeth every day, you will still find many who

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What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

You’ve had a toothache for days. At first, you thought it might disappear on its own. But as the days go by, you’re wondering if it’s here to stay. Is it time to schedule dental treatment?  Regardless of their discomfort, many people are hesitant to call the dentist. Some patients

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How Long Do Wisdom Teeth Take to Come Through the Gum?

Opposed to what the name suggests, wisdom teeth do not happen to have any sort of wisdom behind them or any real purpose. Emerging in one’s late teens till ’20s, these additional sets of molars are usually not necessary for chewing properly. While these teeth do not cause any problems

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