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Let’s take a look into the Dentists

  A dentist who is also called a dental surgeon belongs to the field of dentistry. Dentists eliminate tooth rot, fill pits, and fix cracked teeth. Dentists determine and treat issues of patients’ teeth, their gums, and mouth’s different parts. They give counsel and guidance on dealing with the teeth

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The Different Types of Veneer: Which One is Right for You?

There are many different treatments available in the big wide world of cosmetic dentistry, however none are quite so popular and well renowned as the soon-to-be-celebrating-its-100th -birthday veneer. For the unaware, veneers are a super thin shell of one of a number of different materials that fit nicely over one

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60+ Best Famous Funny Dental and dentists’ jokes

There are not that many dental jokes related to dental and dentist, but the one which exists is funny. Most people will not understand these Dental jokes because most of them are not a dentist. But here are some of the best dental jokes that we have found over the

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How to Diagnose and Fix Anterior Open Bite?

What is an anterior open bite? Anterior open bite is a medical condition characterized by a lack of overlap of incisors at the front. The posterior teeth do touch when the person bites down but the incisors do not touch. This malocclusion problem leads to an impairment of articulation. The

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Common Foods That Doctors Recommend After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are present at the back of a person’s gum or mouth. Some people also call it third molars. As it appears behind gums, it can cause various issues of misalignment for other teeth. These wisdom teeth can also get infections and create hygiene issues. For this reason, it

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How to Get Rid of the Roof of Mouth Sore Fast

Mouth sores, also sometimes known as mouth ulcers are infections that occur inside the mouth. These can be very painful. These can take the form of cold sores, fever blisters, or herpes simplex. A person feels irritated before developing a sore. Generally, the roof of mouth sores happens because of

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DentiCalc App – Dental Calculator For Dentists

DentiCalc is a dental app, which creates a new dimension of dentistry. It is an amazing app for dentists for the modern era. DentiCalc provides you with a dental calculator that you can use to give prices to your patients for their dental procedures during the very first consultations, and

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How to whiten teeth scientifically?

First of all, we need to understand one thing. The normal color of teeth comes from the yellow of dentin, and the enamel is translucent, so normal teeth are slightly yellow. Second, can washing teeth make the teeth white? Nonsense, no, just like taking a bath without turning the skin

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Why Is Roof of My Mouth Swollen?

A mouth’s roof contains a bony palate on the front of the roof and there is also a soft none-bone section or soft palate at the back of the mouth. The bony and non-bony part together forms a barrier between the nasal and the oral cavities. The roof of the

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