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10 Celebrities With Full Dentures

Ben Affleck Ben Affleck The very first celebrity that tops the list, is a blockbuster star, Ben Affleck. Recently, he decided to use expensive caps, but before that at the age of 43, he has had worn a set of full dentures for years. Clark Gable

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Leukoplakia vs Thrush or Oral Candidiasis

Leukoplakia vs Thrush or Oral Candidiasis all of them are medical problems related to your mouth. In this article, we will learn about the difference between all of these, what causes them, and the symptoms of all of these. Leukoplakia Leukoplakia is a dental problem where white or gray patches

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How Long Does Dental Numbing Last?

What is Dental Numbing? Getting numb or numbness means a lack of feeling or sensation. This happens when a dentist uses an anesthetic medication near a bunch of nerves. This affects the synapses and then blocks sensation in that particular area. This helps dentists or doctors to carry out a

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An Ultimate Guide To Dental Healthcare In Nazareth

Dental health has a huge impact on our daily lives. Without it, we cannot enjoy any luxury of life. Therefore, almost every doctor and dentist prescribe us to take care of teeth. For your convenience, I jotted down a few points regarding oral and dental health. Oral and dental health:

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Why You Need Teeth Whitening?

Whenever you meet someone, the first thing you notice in them is their smile. White teeth make the smile more beautiful. White teeth don’t only make you look good but they boost your confidence and self-worth. White teeth make smile your smile brighter and it leaves a long-lasting impression on

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Let’s take a look into the Dentists

  A dentist who is also called a dental surgeon belongs to the field of dentistry. Dentists eliminate tooth rot, fill pits, and fix cracked teeth. Dentists determine and treat issues of patients’ teeth, their gums, and mouth’s different parts. They give counsel and guidance on dealing with the teeth

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The Different Types of Veneer: Which One is Right for You?

There are many different treatments available in the big wide world of cosmetic dentistry, however none are quite so popular and well renowned as the soon-to-be-celebrating-its-100th -birthday veneer. For the unaware, veneers are a super thin shell of one of a number of different materials that fit nicely over one

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60+ Best Famous Funny Dental and dentists’ jokes

There are not that many dental jokes related to dental and dentist, but the one which exists is funny. Most people will not understand these Dental jokes because most of them are not a dentist. But here are some of the best dental jokes that we have found over the

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How to Diagnose and Fix Anterior Open Bite?

What is an anterior open bite? Anterior open bite is a medical condition characterized by a lack of overlap of incisors at the front. The posterior teeth do touch when the person bites down but the incisors do not touch. This malocclusion problem leads to an impairment of articulation. The

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