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What Happens if a Cavity is Left Untreated?

One of the worst things you can get to hear is that you have a cavity. It can be embarrassing to know that you were not careful enough with your dental care to have ended up with a cavity. Cavities come with pain, but when it’s bearable, one would often

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Can a Crown be Replaced?

Dental crowns are a unique and efficient way of restoring and rebuilding cracked or broken teeth. It works like a tooth cap that helps to increase the life of your natural teeth. While dental crowns can last very well for around 10 to 15 years, every crown is designed differently

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What Not To Do After Getting a Filling?

Dentist, Toothache, Cavity, Filling …. These words can scare anyone, no matter how old or young are you. Ironically these words mostly come together. As cavity causes toothache, The solutionist is a Dentist, and the solution is Dental filling. But we always are scared of what not to do after getting

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Why Can I See My Teeth Through My Gums?

If you’ve ever felt that your teeth seem a little longer than they should, or if your gums look like they are being pulled back from the teeth, it could be a dental concern. An exposed tooth root can be a problem to deal with because it can cause sensitivity

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Dental Implants in Albania? It is safe?

Dental tourism Albania for dental implants is something that is revolutionizing the world little by little. Although it may not seem like it, it is a sector that is making many people from all over the world take the risk of visiting new countries to get their dental treatments, and

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What are Dental Bibs and Where to Use Them?

Dental bibs look similar to regular bibs, and this makes everyone confused. Why did the dentist use this only, and why do they call it a dental bib? There are so many features that make it different from other napkins or bibs. Dental bibs keep the patient dry and also

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What is a Biological Dentist, And a Traditional Dentist?

Have you ever heard of a “biological dentist”? If you aren’t already, you should be. This phrase may have passed by your ears regularly, but you may not have realized what it meant until you read this article. What is a biological dentist? What he does and how he goes

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How do dentists remove tartar From Your Teeth?

How do dentists remove tartar? A typical dental problem that affects people worldwide. Tartar is removed by dentists daily, with thousands of people visiting them. But how do dentists remove tartar? Before we go any further, let’s talk about what tartar is. In what ways does it affect the teeth,

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