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Maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude in Nursing

Nursing is an emotionally and physically demanding profession, with numerous rewards, but also many challenges.  Though negative emotions can weigh you down during tough times, you must maintain your mental fortitude and avoid becoming deflated.  To avoid frustration and possible burnout, strive to keep your positive attitude strong. Understand your

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Can You Put a Tooth Back in Your Mouth?

A knocked-out tooth is considered an emergency in dentistry. It is a common phenomenon in adults and old-aged people. In the language of the dentist, the broken tooth is known as avulsed. Globally, 5 million teeth are knocked out in both adults and children. This can happen because of an

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How to Stop Grinding Teeth in Sleep Naturally?

Teeth grinding is a medical condition known as bruxism, which is usually found in children. It happens somehow due to stress. Usually, bruxism goes away in adulthood, but adults also suffer from this issue in some cases. If mild, teeth grinding is not harmful but can be detrimental if it

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Unconsciously Clenching Jaw | Causes, Treatment & Facts

If you have ever woken up with a sore face, tight jaw, or a dull headache, you might be clenching  jaw unconsciously in the night. Bruxism, teeth clenching, or grinding is a relatively common condition among people today and several factors trigger this condition. While this normally happens during your

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Impacts of Covid 19 on Teenage Mental Health

This pandemic was a challenge globally for almost every age group. It was difficult for everyone to hold up the things together in this phase of pandemic physically and mentally. No doubt, mental destruction is always more severe than a physical one. It may take years to restore the proper

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What Is Tooth Remineralization (And How Do You Do It?)

Tooth demineralization happens when the tooth’s enamel wears away. It happens naturally as people age, but there are things that we do that can speed up the cruel side of nature. Things like smoking, eating sugary foods, and poor oral hygiene all deteriorate our teeth’ enamel. As a Tufts University

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Why does my Jaw Hurt? | Cause, Symptoms and Treatment

Jaw pain is a seriously debilitating oral health condition because it can hinder your speaking and eating ability to a great extent if the pain is significant enough. Jaw pain can have numerous causes and identifying a particular reason for it can be a complicated task. Any problem in the

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Should You Mouthwash Before or After Brushing?

Mouthwash is used to wash or rinse mouth, gums and teeth. It is also called oral rinse. It is available in liquid form. It is basically an antiseptic. It kills bacteria and other germs that are present on your tongue and among your teeth. It is also very beneficial for

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