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Long Face Syndrome Mouth Breathing | How you can Treat it?

What is Long Face Syndrome? Why the long face? Well, everyone knows the expression is usually used for sadness, exhaustion, or stress. However, there is also an orthodontic condition that goes by the name ‘long face syndrome’. It is characterized by a structural skull fracture that causes a change of

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How strong are crowns on Front Teeth

Dental Crowns or crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over the tooth to protect them or enhance their appearance. Most of the time dental crowns are used when an existing tooth became weak, cracked, or even when it is broken. If you have a misshaped tooth then you can

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Pros and Cons of Crowns vs Veneers

Crown and veneers both are effective ways to take care of bad teeth. Both of these methods make sure that your teeth remain healthy and good but the implementation of both the methods is quite different. In this blog, we will learn about the difference between crowns and veneers. And

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Novocain Drug usage, Information and Important facts

A famous procaine brand which is called Novocain. It is a drug used for carrying out different dental surgical processes like tooth extraction, root canal surgery or Maryland bridge treatment. It resists the brain to send pain signals to the body so that the body doesn’t feel any pain and

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How To Become Professional With Dental Anesthesia

Practice makes a man perfect. When you do anything practically that’s when you know the actual pros and cons of that particular thing. Anesthesia is an important part of any surgical procedure. Numbing an area of infection has to be done professionally. You cannot just pick any anesthetic from the

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How To Use Tonsil Stone Removal Tool

Tonsil stones are described as off-white-colored small-sized deposits that may be present in your tonsil craters. When bits of food get caught up on these craters’ bacteria starts to feed on them, digesting them and turning them smelly particles. While they may often be removed during eating and coughing, sometimes

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How Long Do Crowns Last on Front Teeth?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped crowns that are placed over the original teeth to either protect them from damage if they are at risk of wear and tear or to enhance the appearance of the teeth. You may need a tooth crown to be placed over your teeth if they are

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Root Canal? the procedure, guidelines, side effects, treatment, cost

What is Root Canal? the procedure, guidelines, side effects, treatment, cost • Overview Root canal treatment (RCT) or endodontic (en-do-don-tics) is the branch of dentistry, deals with the repair damaged and infected tooth. The therapy takes place when the pulp getting damage. During, the therapy dentist remove the pulp, clean,

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