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Dry socket and How long does Dry socket last

A dry socket is a painful dental condition, it can happen when you removed your adult permanent tooth. A dental socket is a condition where a blood clot fails to form.  When you remove your permanent teeth and the blood clot fails to form it can happen to die for

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The 6 Reasons why Teeth turn Yellow | Remedies

Have you ever look in to mirror and think that your teeth are turning more and more yellow? Have you ever thought that is the reason behind this? Why your teeth are turning yellow. Well, it is difficult to notice on your own because the yellowing of your teeth happens

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7 Tips To Maintain Good Oral Health

No matter how old we are, having proper oral health can mean the difference between having a high self-esteem or not. There are many factors that can affect our dental health, whether external or internal. However, we can always prevent any type of pathology that affects us by having proper

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4 Best Electric Toothbrush for Gums To Buy in 2022

Searching for the best electric toothbrush for gums? You’ve come to the right place. Its natural fact that every person around us wants the best of the best materials and the same is with the toothbrushes because a toothbrush which carries outstanding qualities can give you a perky smile and

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The Kickstarter Gum Pick/Gum Stimulator for the Best Oral Hygiene

The Kickstarter Gum Pick/Gum Stimulator for the Best Oral Hygiene Your mouth is one of the first and foremost places to encounter germs in your body. You introduce these germs primarily through foods and drinks. The mouth also harbors a variety of bacteria necessary for the digestive process. Therefore, your

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Why flossing is important?

Flossing is the best weapon against plaque and nobody can contradict it also flossing removes food debris from between teeth and gums also helps control bad breath. All this means healthier teeth and gums since plaque is the main cause of tooth decay and periodontal disease, it is difficult to

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Effective Ways for Speed up Healing Time of Cold Sores

This annoying lesion occurs in the area of ​​the oral mucosa, on the lips, or around the mouth and that is popularly known as fever or pupa, is caused by the herpes virus type 1. The herpes virus normally enters your body during childhood (through contact with infected skin or

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Reason Why You Get Canker Sores?

Canker sores have always been associated with herpes and the different infections that take place in the mouth. Nothing is further from reality. It is true that canker sores have a similar way of appearing as herpes, as they appear as a burn with a whitish center and a red

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