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Long Face Syndrome Mouth Breathing | How you can Treat it?

What is Long Face Syndrome? Why the long face? Well, everyone knows the expression is usually used for sadness, exhaustion, or stress. However, there is also an orthodontic condition that goes by the name ‘long face syndrome’. It is characterized by a structural skull fracture that causes a change of

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5 Recovery Tips After Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is a procedure to remove one or more of the third molars located in the very back of the mouth – at the ends of both the top and bottom arches of teeth. It is a surgical intervention, but you can improve your recovery immensely after the

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Pulling Teeth at Home vs. at the Dentist

Tooth extractions are one of the most common dental procedures in the world. Dentists remove teeth to fix overcrowding issues, prevent wisdom teeth pain, or make space for permanent teeth. Nowadays, dentists make every effort to save even the most grossly damaged teeth – through a root canal treatment procedure.

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What is Open Bite? Overview, Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

What is an open bite? Open bite finds its roots in the widely understood malocclusion issues of teeth. If we look at malocclusion’s definition, it is the misalignment or distance in two teeth arches, which is visible once the jaws are closed. Among all of such deformities, an open bite

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Immediate Ceramic Dental Bio-Implants

Bio-Implants – Immediate Ceramic Dental Implants Immediate Ceramic Dental Bio-Implants: For General and Holistic Dentists and Discerning Patients Immediate Ceramic Dental Bio-Implants   BioImplant™ is the first dental implant specifically designed for immediate implantation. It is fundamentally different to screw-type implants, and cannot be compared with

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