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Long Face Syndrome Mouth Breathing | How you can Treat it?

What is Long Face Syndrome? Why the long face? Well, everyone knows the expression is usually used for sadness, exhaustion, or stress. However, there is also an orthodontic condition that goes by the name ‘long face syndrome’. It is characterized by a structural skull fracture that causes a change of

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Oral B Nighttime Dental Guard | Protect Your Teeth

What is a Dental Guard? A nighttime dental guard is a device meant to protect the teeth against grinding or clenching while asleep. Teeth grinding or clenching is clinically known as Bruxism, a destructive and occasionally painful habit that is fairly common. It needs to be prevented as it can

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How Old You Have to be to Get Braces?

Why are Braces Needed? Kids may require braces for different multiple reasons that include: Crooked teeth Overcrowded teeth Overlapping teeth Malocclusion (bad bite) Malocclusion is the type of abnormality when the upper and bottom jaws differ in size and the orthodontists think that the jaws must be aligned by using

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Can a Retainer Fix a Gap Without Braces?

Once you have gone through the process of Invisalign or you have finished wearing braces, you would need a retainer to keep the teeth affixed and to prevent them from shifting from their certain places. Most of the patients are still unaware of the retainers and how these retainers can

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4 Best OTC Night Dental Guard to Buy in 2021

Teeth grinding is a common issue faced by many people, and you might be one of them. The difficult part is, you might not know that you’re having it until you seek a doctor for some relevant problems and he uncovers it finding the symptoms or someone; say your bed

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How To Prevent Your Retainer From Breaking?

Did you know that according to a recent survey conducted by Colgate over 47 percent of people notice the smile on a person? The smile ranked number one in the poll, and that’s why millions of people choose to have orthodontic work done on their teeth each year. The most

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What are Clear Aligners And Finding the best Clear Aligner brand?

  Clear thermoplastic sheets that were vacuum-formed, were previously used as retainers meant to retain the position of the teeth after teeth-straightening procedures. Over the years, it was realized that these could also be adopted as teeth-straightening devices themselves, leading to what is now called “clear aligners”. Clear or invisible

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How to Fix Overbite Without Surgery | 2021

Overbites are medically referred to as a condition called a malocclusion. In this condition, your upper teeth protrude over your lower teeth. Your teeth and jaws are not lined up properly. An overbite can be classified as a vertical overbite or a horizontal overbite. This means in a vertical overbite,

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