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5 Things to Consider Before Getting Invisible Braces

The human need for improved dental aesthetics has brought to life a plethora of innovative technological advancements in modern orthodontia. Due to increased demand, the general population outside of the American sphere is adjusting dental practices to better suit their new norms for the ongoing quest to garner that perfect

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What is Temporary Replacement Teeth? | Options & Uses

Strong and healthy teeth are the key to eating, talking, and smiling with confidence. This can be a challenge for many people because not everyone has the perfect teeth to flaunt. A missing tooth is a common dental problem that can shatter one’s confidence. And not just that, it can

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What Dental Issues Clear Aligners Can Fix?

Everyone loves a clean, bright smile, but with so many dental issues, it often gets very hard to achieve it. In this modern era, among many other dental treatments, clear aligners have been nothing less than a game-changer in the field of orthodontics. These clear aligners have become the choice

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Long Face Syndrome Mouth Breathing | How you can Treat it?

What is Long Face Syndrome? Why the long face? Well, everyone knows the expression is usually used for sadness, exhaustion, or stress. However, there is also an orthodontic condition that goes by the name ‘long face syndrome’. It is characterized by a structural skull fracture that causes a change of

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Oral B Nighttime Dental Guard | Protect Your Teeth

What is a Dental Guard? A nighttime dental guard is a device meant to protect the teeth against grinding or clenching while asleep. Teeth grinding or clenching is clinically known as Bruxism, a destructive and occasionally painful habit that is fairly common. It needs to be prevented as it can

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How Old You Have to be to Get Braces?

Why are Braces Needed? Kids may require braces for different multiple reasons that include: Crooked teeth Overcrowded teeth Overlapping teeth Malocclusion (bad bite) Malocclusion is the type of abnormality when the upper and bottom jaws differ in size and the orthodontists think that the jaws must be aligned by using

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Can a Retainer Fix a Gap Without Braces?

Once you have gone through the process of Invisalign or you have finished wearing braces, you would need a retainer to keep the teeth affixed and to prevent them from shifting from their certain places. Most of the patients are still unaware of the retainers and how these retainers can

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