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How to Teach Your Toddler to Spit Out Toothpaste

Your child is finally getting the hang of brushing their teeth each night. But when it comes time to spit out the foamy toothpaste and rinse their mouth, they simply swallow it. Even though toothpaste for toddlers is safe to swallow, it’s not the kind of habit that you want

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Root Canal for baby Teeth | Types of Baby Root Canal

Root Canal is the best, effective way to stop any kind of tooth pain. A root canal also helps a tooth from decaying or injury. But if a root canal is not recommended by your doctor then you should not go for it. This is because in a few years

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Teething Rash: Symptoms, Treatment & Remedies for Babies

Do you have a small baby at home, and he/she develops some sort of weird rash that you are unable to identify? That is definitely something to worry about if you don’t know what caused the rash. As sensitive as a baby’s skin is, there can be many reasons for

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