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Ceramic Brackets

Ceramic brackets or also called ceramic braces are just similar to metal brackets. The best thing about ceramic brackets is that they can be color-matched to your teeth whereas traditional metal brackets are silver in color which looks pretty odd. Nowadays more and more people are moving toward ceramic brackets this is because due to the color of ceramic brackets. If you are considering getting brackets or braces for your teeth then I would recommend you to opt for ceramic brackets. There are a few questions that a lot of people ask about ceramic brackets and, in this article, we will answer those questions.

Ceramic brackets


Do ceramic brackets stain?

The answer to this question is straightforward. So, your ceramic braces or ceramic brackets are not satin proof, they can catch satin. But there are some practices that you can follow to increase the life of ceramic brackets and to keep them stain resistant. Here are some of the steps that you can take to make sure that your ceramic brackets do stain.

  • One of the basic steps that you can take is to take proper care of your oral hygiene. If you are not taking care of your oral hygiene properly then the chances are that you will catch stain on your ceramic brackets more easily. But if you are taking proper care of your oral hygiene then the chances to catch stain is pretty low. According to most of the dentist, you should brush twice a day and floss at least once a day. This will help you to keep stains away from your ceramic brackets.


  • Certain types of food and drinks can also leave a stain on your teeth. These foods contain tomato, coffee, soda, or red wine. One of the best implementations is that you should stay away from these types of food. You can find a complete list of this food on the internet or you can ask your dentist about that. If you have eaten some of these then I would recommend you to clean your teeth so that no stains are left on them


  • Another way due to which your ceramic brackets start staining is because of smoking. Studies have shown that people why smoke stain their ceramic brackets quicker as compared to the person who does not smoke at all. This is because tobacco contains some chemical that leaves stains on your teeth. Other than smoking all things containing tobacco leaves a stain on your ceramic braces.


  • Usage of whitening toothpaste can also help you remove stains for your ceramic braces. Suppose that if you have any kind of stain on your tooth or ceramic brackets then with the help of whitening toothpaste you can remove them off. But if the satin is deep and dark then it might be difficult to come off with simple whitening toothpaste. Then you would require proper treatment to get these stains off.


  • One of the best practices is that you should visit your dentist regularly after the ceramic brackets because your dentist will help you along that way and if he found something wrong then he/she will let you know.


Ceramic Brackets


How durable are they?

This is also one of the basic questions which a lot of people ask. The material form which ceramic brackets are made up of is pretty hard and they are built in a way so that they could last form a long time. But this does not mean that they can’t break. In reality, ceramic brackets are less strong as compared to metal brackets.

According to studies, ceramic brackets break two times quicker as compared to metal brackets. This is because the metal is stronger as compared to ceramic this is the reason why ceramic brackets break quicker.

Pros of Ceramic Brackets

Ceramic brackets have some pros over the traditional metal bracket and Invisalign and these are stated below

  • They are less visible as compare to traditional metal brackets. Ceramic brackets are made up of the same color as your tooth. This is why they are hard to notice at one glimpse.


  • As compare to Invisalign ceramic brackets move the teeth to their position quicker. Ceramic braces take about 18-36 months to straighten your teeth, whereas Invisalign takes a longer time as compared to ceramic brackets.


  • If you are picking up metal braces on your teeth then they only come in one color which is silver (the color of metal). But if you opting for ceramic brackets then you can choose any color that you want. You can choose any color they are available in any kind of color.


  • If you are wearing metal braces then they will disrupt a single image test. But if you are wearing ceramic brackets then they will don’t disrupt single in image test.


Cons of Ceramic Brackets

As with all human inventions, ceramic brackets also have some cons. Below are some of the cons of ceramic brackets.

  • As there are more color options in ceramic brackets so, they are also expensive as compare to a simple metal one. This is only because of their color as they are available in any color.


  • Ceramic brackets are larger as compare to meatal one so the chances of having gum sensitivity are greater as compare to a metal one


  • We have also talked about it earlier in the article that ceramic brackets are less durable as compare to metal brackets. As the metal is harder as compare to ceramic so it also lasts long.


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