Common Foods That Doctors Recommend After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Common Foods That Doctors Recommend After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are present at the back of a person’s gum or mouth. Some people also call it third molars. As it appears behind gums, it can cause various issues of misalignment for other teeth. These wisdom teeth can also get infections and create hygiene issues. For this reason, it is always better to remove them. They can appear during the period of puberty till the period of early adulthood. However, it is not necessarily important to remove wisdom teeth. But if it causes damage to other teeth, it would be a wise decision to remove them.

Recommended foods

Usually, when a person gets his wisdom tooth removed, surgeons recommend them to switch to a liquid-based diet. They suggest people to have soft foods rather than hard foods that can create a problem for them or cause them pain because they just had surgery. If you include the right things in your diet, it will lower the pain and decrease the swelling caused by surgeries. A person should give complete attention to what foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal. You have to ensure that you are eating easily chewable foods. However, do not compromise on the nutritious diet.

Let’s talk about some of the foods you can include in your diet after you have had surgery.

Have Soup

Having a soup after getting your wisdom teeth removed could be best for a person. Soups are not hard to chew, because they fall into the soft food category. It contains enough nutrients that are required for your health and for your wound to heal. You will not have to chew it, therefore it won’t hurt the affected area. Moreover, this will aid you in getting an enough intake of everyday vitamins. It is very good to keep your body hydrated. However, it is important to consider that the soup is not too hot.

Crushed Potatoes

Potatoes when boiled and mashed can be very soft and easy to chew food. It will not put any pressure on your gums or teeth. It contains enough calories as well as other nutrients necessary for your diet. Therefore, consider eating it after having surgery.


Ice cream is loved by everyone. It is advised to have ice-cream after surgery to give a little relief to your teeth. It is very soft and it ensures that you are not putting any stress at your gums.


You cannot eat fruits after wisdom tooth removal because they are not soft. For instance, you can include apple sauce in your diet that will reduce your fruit cravings. It contains a rich amount of fiber and vitamin C, which is essential for a healthy body.


Yogurt contains proteins that are essential for your health and body. Other than that, it has excessive amounts of calcium and vitamins which are daily requirement. Having yogurt after wisdom teeth removal because it is not only soft but it will help in reducing pain.


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