4 Types Of Dental Bridge | 3 Common Dental Bridge problems

Dental Bridge problems

If you have more than one missing teeth in a row then your dentist will use a dental bridge to cover them up. The difference between a crown and a dental bridge is that crowns are only available for one tooth whereas a dental bridge consists of multiple bridges. In some cases, a dental bridge consists of all of the upper front teeth.

Types of dental bridge

There four main types of dental bridges which are stated below

  • Traditional Dental Bridge

A traditional dental bridge consists of more than one dental crown which is has been joined together with each other. A traditional dental bridge is one of the most common types of dental bridges. When you have more than one natural tooth missing mostly dentists use traditional dental bridges.

  • Maryland Dental Bridge

Maryland dental bridge is similar to traditional. Maryland dental bridge is employed between two natural abutment teeth. In a traditional dental bridge, the gap is filled with dental crowns but in Maryland dental bridge the gap is filled with another material like porcelain or any other metal.

  • Cantilever Dental Bridge

A cantilever dental bridge is also the same as a traditional dental bridge. In a traditional dental bridge, you need two healthy teeth to fill the gap in between, but in a cantilever dental bridge, you just need one natural tooth to fill in the gap.

  • Implant-support dental bridge

As the name suggests this dental bridge requires support to work. All the other types of dental implants need at least one healthy tooth to make the bridge. But if your teeth are too weak to support a bridge then the dentist place support in your gum to hold the bridge. Because of the support this type is called implant support a dental bridge.


Common Dental Bridge problems


Problems with a dental bridge

Having your teeth replaces with dental bridges does not means that they will act as your natural teeth or will no problems with it. Everything has its problems so does the dental bridge. So, here are some of the problems with dental bridges.

  • Bridge Fall off

There are two types of dental bridge, once are removable and the second one is permanent. The problem with the removable is that they are loosely fitted and there are many chances that they can fall off. Like when you are eating a certain type of food. This is the reason when you have a removable dental bridge your dentist will recommend you to not eat certain things. Now, you might think that permanent will be the best option. Well, a permanent dental bridge will not come off that easily but it has its perks, one of them including decaying of tooth. We will learn more about that later in the article.

  • Dental Bridge look and Feel unnatural

Many people indeed opt for dental bridge because they want to get their confidence back when they are in public, and it works. After the dental implants, you will get your confidence back but your dental bridge looks unnatural and there are chances that people might recognize that you have false teeth. This is because the bridges don’t match the original color of your tooth.

Other than this dental bridge might feel uncomfortable. After the dental surgery, you might feel uncomfortable for at least a few weeks. And for the first week, your dentist will also tell you what to eat. Normally they tell you to not eat sticky and hard things. This is because as your mouth is new to dental bridge so eating these kinds of food can lead to gum bleeding and many other problems.

  • Decaying of Dental Bridge

Well, this is also pretty obvious that the dental bridge is not your natural bridge, and it is made up of man-made material so it will eventually decay. One of the most common reasons for the decaying of dental bridges is that people don’t take care of their oral hygiene.

You should also take care of your oral hygiene when you have your natural teeth. But if you can’t keep up with oral hygiene for a few days with your natural teeth that it is not that big of a problem. But when it comes to dental bridges you have to take extra care of them. Even skipping one day of oral hygiene can lead to bad things. Because once your dental bridge starts decaying it is really hard to control it.

Other than decaying, chipping of dental bridge is also very common. To make sure that you are taking proper care of your dental bridges make sure that you brush twice a day and floss one a day.

These are some of the common problems that come with a dental bridge. Every person who has done dental bridges has to go through these problems. So, you must take care of your natural teeth and pray that you never have dental implants.


Dental Bridges are done when you have lost more than one tooth, you might lose your tooth due to different reasons like you have lost your tooth to injury or medical reasons. Dental Bridges might give your charm back when it also has a lot of problems. You can read the article above for more detail.


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