Dental Management of Hypertensive patients (Patients with high BP in Dental clinics)

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Dental Management of Hypertensive patients (Patients with high BP in Dental clinics)


Special measurement should be taken to manage the hypertensive patients blood pressure measurement is necessary before any procedure  , anxiety protocol and pain control is the first choice to be taken,conscious sedation is the next step also you should take care of ,to select best anesthesia and dental appointment time for such patients with cardiovascular diseases better to treat early in the morning .

How to manage the patient with high blood pressure in dental clinics

1.Dental Anesthesia for hypertensive patients

Yes, very important to select the best anesthesia for such patients like nor-epinephrine is used for that patients.

anesthesia with epinephrine is not used because this causes the cardiac arrhythmia and vasoconstriction which further increase the blood pressure.

however, you can use up to three cartridges of anesthesia with epinephrine for better pain control but take to not exceed from three.


2.Anxiety control

Make sure the patient for such treatments before the procedure and reduce the stress of the patient for treatment it will provide such great involvement and provide better result before and after treatment.

3.pain control for hypertensive patients and why its important in such patients

Pain control is achieved with mild analgesics in high blood pressure patients .this is very important because it will reduce the blood pressure and anxiety for such patients.

4.conscious sedation for high blood pressure patients

Conscious sedation to control the pain and anxiety to reduce the high blood pressure in patients.

5.blood pressure control

The patient should take drugs to prescribe by physicians and must check the blood pressure before to start any procedure. first, maintain the blood pressure then treatment.

6.Helpful Investigations

  • Ecg
  • Ct Scan
  • MRI Scans
  • echocardiography
  • blood cp
  • chest x-ray

7.Time And Selection for appointments  in hypertensive patients

Better to make appointments in such time when patient feel relax without any tension for better results and treatment.early is best for such patients.

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