Dental Porcelain Veneers Latest Facts, Guide, and Costs

Dental Porcelain Veneer guideline

Thin coverings made of ceramic material which is used to add shape, color, and size to your teeth are called porcelain veneers. It helps in recovering the broken or decamped teeth. This also prevents the problem of replacing a broken tooth. It helps straighten the tilting of the teeth.


Few adventurous features porcelain veneers offer

  • Porcelain being a natural material is safe and reliable. It safely fits into teeth structure.
  • It is immediate treatment. It does not require drilling and can simply fit into the teeth. The effects are long-lasting and noticeable.
  • You need to take care of them just like original teeth. They need brushing and proper care along with other gums.
  • The covering acts as a shield around the teeth and provides enamel to your teeth. It is beneficial, natural, and pocket-friendly.
  • It gives an immediate result in less time. You need 2 to 3 visits to your dental clinic and you can get perfect teeth with an amazing smile.

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Porcelain veneers have the advantage of long-lasting stability over ordinary resins. If properly taken care of they can stay intact up to 10 years which is twice as compared to the period of the composite veneer. Ordinary resins containing veneer need to replace after every three to five years. Although porcelain resins are expensive as compared to other one but it is safer and is long-lasting.


The complete process for having a beautiful smile with a porcelain veneer usually includes 2 to 3 visits. In the first visit, the doctors like dentist Los Gatos CA would take a photographic X-Ray of the patient’s teeth or simply the impression of his teeth can be carved. This is to make a porcelain film that fits the tooth. And doctor makes it accordingly. On the next visit, the porcelain veneer is adjusted followed by the removal of a small piece of enamel.

The final visit is for cleaning and polishing the veneer which is then attached to the already existing tooth. But this should be done with proper care. If the veneers are not properly fitted the spaces among them and the teeth will be the accommodation of the food particles and bacteria. This may cause severe oral and gum diseases.

Cost of porcelain veneer:

Prices may be different due to geographic distinction. Generally, the cost of a porcelain veneer starts from $925 to be minimum and $2500 to be maximum for one tooth. However, composite veneers are the least expensive but they are not reliable as porcelain ones. They cost from the range of $400 to $1500.

Porcelain veneer being eco-friendly and durability suggested by many dentists. they are used to treat tilting of the teeth, yellow teeth, cracked teeth, and shape your teeth providing you a beautiful smile. For the people who have severely damaged teeth Zirconia porcelain veneer is mostly suggested. This is more beneficial than ordinary fillings as they bond the tooth tightly for a longer period. And it requires very little space than the dental crowns. Only enamel from the tooth is removed to add a veneer.




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