DENTAL Teeth SCALING | Clean Teeth and Mouth-Why it’s Necessary?


DENTAL Teeth SCALING | Clean Teeth and Mouth-Why it’s Necessary?


Dental scaling is a dental procedure or process if you are suffering from severe gum disease.
It is usually recommended by a dentist to treat the gum disease. Dental scaling is the more common and non-surgical process to treat gum disease. It is also called “Periodontitis”
Now we are going to talk about gum disease:-

What is gum disease?

Gum disease is a clinical condition, characterized by the inflammation and swelling in the gum and that affect the surrounding bones that hold your teeth.

Signs and symptoms


There are some important signs and symptoms of gum disease, such as:-

  • Swelling and redness in gums.
  • Loose teeth
  • Puss can be noticed surrounding teeth and gums
  • Bad breathing.

Is dental scaling is necessary?

The answer is big Yes. It very essential and needy for us. Otherwise, it may suck our beautiful teeth.

Why we are suffering from Gum disease?

Well, it’s because of a word “Plaque”. I know you people pretty obvious with this term. So, sometimes saliva, bacteria, proteins and tooth particles of your mouth form a thin layer that covers your teeth

Definition of “Plaque”?

When you eat small food particles and the food which contain sugar, it builds up on teeth. Then, it makes “Plaque”, the thin layer. Usually, the bacteria live in that plaque, and if you don’t clean the plaque and keep it for a long duration, it may cause severe gum disease. It may affect your body as well as your mind.

What is the procedure of dental Teeth scaling?

It includes careful removal of plaque bacteria from the surface of the tooth. There are basically two methods for scaling teeth. They are:-

Hand-hold treatment

Your dentist may have sealer to remove the plaque from your tooth. He or she will use a metal tool, called scaler or curette.

Ultrasonic treatment

It is an alternative process. Your dentist may choose an ultrasonic instrument to scale your teeth. The instrument content a vibrating metal tip with cool water spray, that remove the tartar and wash it away to keep the tip cool.

Is the dental Teeth scaling painful process?

If you have sensitive gums, you can feel a little bit uneasy, but usually, your dentist may offer you a local anesthetic to numb your gum tissue, to make the process more easy and reliable.
Still, if you feel pain, feel free to tell your dentist.

Are dental teeth scaling and polishing are the same?

Usually, dental scaling is a procedure to treat gum disease by removing the “Plaque”. If you are suffering from gum disease, your dentist removes the plaque and make you free from gum disease. In the other hand, dental polishing takes place after dental scaling. Polishing usually done by a “smooth rubber cap”. Polishing makes your teeth beautiful and highlights the smoothness of teeth. It also keeps your teeth shinier.

Are dental teeth scaling is harmful to your teeth?

First of all, you need to know that what is this. Dental scaling means to clean your gums and teeth. Usually, Scaling is done to remove tartar, plaque and the area containing the toxin. If you don’t scale your teeth and gums properly, it may damage your gums and teeth.

Does dental teeth scaling make your teeth more white?

Dental scaling means to clean your teeth and gums by removing “Plaque”. So, if you do dental scaling, it makes your teeth neat and clean. Then, your teeth will look more beautiful and shiny as well.

Does dental scaling lose your teeth?

If you scale your teeth irregularly, you may lose your beautiful teeth. Teeth scaling makes your gum swollen. As a side effect, your teeth sensitivity will increase to hot and cold food.

Is dental scaling covered by dental insurance?

It totally depends on your yearly dental insurance plan. Sometimes, the cost of dental scaling and root canal cover around 50% of total cost. It will help you a lot.

How much cost of dental teeth scaling cost?

It depends on some factors and conditions. The cost of regular dental scaling is not so high. The price is around $30-$100 on an avg. Sometimes, if you go to a standard dentist, he might charge you more than local rate. The rate is around $100-$200. It will include dental x-ray, appointment fees, and some dentally related test.


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