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Dental veneers

Dental veneers | All You Need to Know About | Complete Guide

It is said that when you smile one out of three will notice your teeth. Also half of the people you meet remember your smile later. This is why you find people with aligned and whiten teeth always smile.

However, this is not the case with individuals who have stained unshaped and even damaged teeth. They do not smile a lot, which makes them feel out of place. This is something that lowers their self-esteem. But not to worry, there is an answer to their problem.

Veneers are thin shell-like tooth-colored structures that have been known to restore smiles upon such faces. It improves the appearance of a person and even prevents the teeth from being damaged.

Dental veneers have been recommended by a good number of dentists all over the world. Plus it has received quite a big fan base over time. Ever wondered why some people have better luck with shaping their teeth or arrangement without using braces. This has been the answer all along.

Dental veneers

Are you worried as to how your teeth look in terms of color, size, and shape? Well, the veneers are the answer to all your troubles. It’s a wafer-thin shell that is bonded on the front surface of the tooth, giving you the desired smile.

The procedure can be done to one or all of the teeth to give them a natural look. The veneers are custom-made by a dentist to fit your needs perfectly. Even though the veneers are artificial, it would be hard for one to tell if they are.

It also makes the teeth look healthier and straight, but it does not repair or strengthen your teeth. The brand can serve you for 5-20 years, depending on the material used. We recommend that you undertake this procedure from a qualified dentist and selecting a durable material.

veneers images

veneers dental


Complete Guide to Dental Veneers 

  • Why you need to use the dental veneers

There are different producers that you can undergo to improve your teeth’ appearance. One of them is teeth whitening and the other is braces. However, we recommend that you undertake the veneer procedure. It is a flexible process that covers a broader area compared to teeth whitening or braces.

Cosmetic teeth whitening procedure is only concerned with the color. On the other hand, braces deal with closing the gaps and aligning the teeth. But the veneer covers a wider section such as shape, size, and even color.

 Here are some of the reasons why you should consider undergoing the procedure.

  • Improving worn out teeth

This is something that happens over time. The enamel gets worn out due to high acid intake, brushing too hard, or excess consumption of tobacco. The wear can cause dental sensitivity or a cavity in the teeth. Therefore, we suggest that you use the product to cover the teeth and protect you from dental sensitivity.

  • Changing the color

The color of the teeth matters a lot as it boosts your self-esteem. Some people might opt for teeth whitening as a remedy, but it won’t work for all. This is because teeth discoloration is caused by various factors. Once you have whitened them you are likely to head back for another process.

There are various factors that cause this problem. They include medicine; some drugs are known to have this kind of effect. The lifestyle you have can also impact color. That is a high intake of coffee, wine, and even smoking has similar effects.

This is why we urge you to go for the veneers since the whitening procedure would not last for long. On the brighter side, it would have cut on cost as well.

  • Closing small gaps between the teeth

Various factors can cause the gap between the teeth. Some of them include overgrowth of the tissue that borders the gum line or even a genetic inheritance. If you find the gap to be a problem for you, there are ways to close it.

Therefore, we recommend the veneers, instead of using the braces. Though, braces are the standard option to many, since it’s designed to hold the teeth together. Yes, it eliminates the gap, but you are to have it for the rest of your life.

The dental veneers, on the other hand, are custom-made to fit in your teeth perfectly. Once they are fitted the gaps are eliminated and you are given a new look.

  • Improving alignment

It is said that aligned teeth can land you a job or a second date. But that does not mean having crooked and angled teeth is a death sentence. There are ways to improve this and give you a second chance on tables.

Braces can be used to solve this problem, but it takes longer and is expensive compared to the product. Plus you will have to wear them for a lifetime so that they do not move again.

This is something that we don’t want you to undergo. The thought of having the braces on for life is haunting. Therefore we advocate for the use of the veneers. It aligns your teeth and widens the smile. You will be the only person who knows what lies behind them. To the rest of the world, it’s just a priceless smile.

  • Less intrusive compared to the crowns

For one to have a crown set on their teeth, they have to undergo curious preparation. This is because it is being placed on the whole teeth and not a section. Compared to the veneers, that is placed on the front part of the teeth, making it a less intrusive procedure.

  • Changing the tooth shape

The shape of the teeth is equally important. This is the only dental veneer that gives you a chance to select the form you want. If you feel that they are short, the product can be modified to be longer. This, in turn, gives you the desired look.

  • Improving the damage done by bruxism

This is a medical condition where the upper and lower jaws grind wearing out the teeth. The process damages the enamel making the teeth sensitive. To help you with this condition, we advise using the veneers by professional. It will protect the inner part of the teeth reducing sensitivity and act as a barrier when grinding.

  • Repairing chipped and damaged teeth

In life, we all grow old, and our bodies are affected by this. To some people, the aging process affects the bones, and to others, it is the teeth. In the long run, affecting your confidence and smile.

This is where the dental veneers come in. It restores the chipped and damaged teeth to their normal condition. Making you look younger, boosting your confidence as well.

Types of veneers

The brand comes in various designs that you can choose from. They include

Minimal-prep (ultra-thin)

As the world advance in technology, so does the product. It has been advanced and made to be 0.2mm thick. This may seem small and un-durable, but it has the same properties as the traditional porcelain, which is 0.5mm.

The minimal prep ultra-thin does not require the removal of the enamel due to its thickness. This, in turn, makes the procedure fast and more comfortable. Using these particular veneers, you are assured of no dental sensitivity. We urge you to use these since they can be reversed.

Like other dental veneers, there are advantages and disadvantages that you are to consider before buying it.


  • These veneers can last for 20 years. This guarantees you durability and cuts on cost
  • The enamel is not removed. In most cases, this part of the teeth is usually removed before fitting in the product. This, causes dental sensitivity making it hard for you to consume hot and cold foods or even drinks.
  • The model is 2.0mm thick than the standard size making it more effective and durable.


  • The procedure is expensive. It will cost you a lot of cash to be able to undergo it compared to others.


This is the most commonly used filling material to fix small dental issues. This includes cracked or chipped, crooked and gapped teeth. It is an instant product and doesn’t require a specialist to prepare it. This is done on-site by the dentist as you wait.


  • It is a cheap process to undergo compared to the minimal prep
  • There is no need to remove the enamel unless the dentist suggests so due to the condition of your teeth.
  • The material is easy to adjust and make changes compared to others.
  • It does not require any surface removal from the teeth, thereby guarantees you of no sensitivity
  • There is less damage to the teeth compared to the porcelain, which is hard and damages the teeth when grinding.


  • Though the material is cheap, it does not last for more than five years, plus it easily stains.
  • You will have to spend more time on the chair as the dentist fix’s the brand compared to others, which takes fewer minutes.
  • IF you are to do a complete makeover, we would suggest you choose another brand.


Snap-on/ removal

Like the name suggests it a removal veneer and one can confuse it for dentures. The difference is that when you have them on, you are still able to eat or drink. Unlike when using the dentures that you will have to remove in order to eat or drinking.

Once in the mouth, you can pull off the desired look, and they are made from dental resin. Though it is a quicker way to solving a less complex problem, we recommend that use it for the short term.


  • It is a cheaper way to fix our teeth compared to the traditional model which is expensive
  • The product is durable and can last for a long time since it won’t wear out due to grinding.
  • It is perfect for you who want to do a trial on how the permanent product will look like before deciding.
  • The need to be cleaned regularly, giving you the smile desired.
  • It is easier to remove and can have it on when you feel like it.


  • It is not a long-term solution since it can increase the dental problem. This is because it does not fix it but hide it. For example, if you are having bleeding gums and tooth decay. The product will hide this from the eyes of your friend and family, but underneath you will be suffering.

veneers prep

No prep

This is a type of dental veneer that is made from scratch using a (CEREC) Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic technology. It’s a  state of art digital scanner which takes image prints from our mouth. The pictures show how the jaws are, and the teeth. The images are then sent to computer-aided design software to produce the product. This is specifically designed to fit your teeth and ensure comfort. Although a dentist oversees the whole process, he or she has to be qualified to handle the machine. This is not something they can do without training.




  • It’s a quick process to craft the product compared to the traditional methods.
  • The non-prep veneer is made to last for a period of 10-15 years
  • There is no enamel removal to insert it into your teeth
  • It is crafted from porcelain making the product perfect, and it does not stain.


  • Though it’s a quick process, you will have to dig deep into your pockets to cover the expenses
  • If the practitioner is not well trained to handle the machine, the non-prep veneers produced will be of low quality.
  • It is a suitable procedure for those who need 1-4 veneers and not more.

Porcelain Veneers

This is the most preferred material that has been used for a long time to make the product. It is 0.5mm thick and requires a small section of the enamel to be removed before fitting. The porcelain veneers offer you a good shape and color of the teeth. Giving you a natural look compared to other brands.


  • It is a durable material that lasts for 10-20 years when maintained properly.
  • It is less likely to break compared to others and also makes the teeth stronger.
  • The product gives you a more natural look compared to the composite product.


  • It is a costly procedure compared to the composite one
  • The enamel is removed hence having a higher chance of developing dental sensitivity
  • It is an irreversible procedure that you will have to stay with for the rest of your life.


This refers to ready-made veneers that you will have to choose from the dentist’s catalog. They are designed in different shapes and sizes hence can be combined to give the desired look. You have to fit first to know the actual size, unlike the custom-made products.


  • It is cheaper and quicker and can be completed within the first visit, unlike the others.


  • There are not appealing as those which as custom made, the size of the brand can be hard to tell.


  • The procedure for getting the veneers

To fit in the product correctly and according to your needs, these steps have to be followed. It helps the practitioner to know what you want as the end results. This ensures that there is no conflict between the two of you once he or she is done.  The steps include

  1. Consulting

This is the first step you should take before fitting the product. We suggest that you talk to your friends, colleges and even family members. Find out their thoughts about the procedure. Have they have done it before and who was their dentist?

After the research and you seem to be confident enough, seek the advice of a qualified practitioner. You must say what you want the product to fix. Is it the shape, size, or color of the teeth that you wish to change?

This helps the dentist to come up with the desired results. He or she takes a look at your teeth to see their condition. Later images of your jaws and teeth are drafted using the (CEREC) Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic technology.

The software enables them to determine the perfect size and shape of the dental veneer. Some of them would opt for the traditional method, which is the use of wax. It is done to enable them to know the type of material to use in molding.

We suggest that you share your thoughts concerning the products and do not keep quiet about comments. Whether positive or negative he/she will understand and work on improving the brand to fit your needs

  1. Preparation

The second stage is in the preparation of the teeth. If you are to use the porcelain material, then a part of the enamel is removed. This should be done under local anesthesia to numb the feeling. Though the coating has no vessel, hence you won’t feel a thing when the drilling is done.

If only one tooth is being fitted with the product, then we recommend that you whiten the rest. This makes it look similar to the product and give you a whiter smile. We wouldn’t want you to have colored and discolored teeth at the same time since it’s embarrassing.

The composite material is prepared before the procedure. A paste is applied to the teeth to act as a bonding element for the material to stick. The paste is put in layers then afterward the veneer is bonded to it. The dentist then shapes it to form the desired look giving you a natural smile.

The veneers made from snap on’s and ultra-thin materials don’t require enamel removed. The images are sent to the lab, and the brand is prepared to fit you perfectly. This makes it a quick process, and once done, he/she is looking at the images to ensure they fit. If not, it’s shaped until the right size is achieved.

  1. Fitting

This is the last stage of the process in which the product shall be placed on the teeth to see if it fits. It is done before installing permanently. If he or she finds that the veneer doesn’t fit then, it’s replaced or shaped to fit correctly.

Once fitted correctly, he or she will make a final adjustment and check how you bite. This enables them to know if the dental veneers are perfect or not. You will be asked to come back for a checkup in 2 weeks’ time.

We guarantee that you will be able to carry on with your daily activities without any difficulties.  This is because it’s a simple procedure that doesn’t require bedtime rest.

  1. Care

Once the veneers are placed, you must take care of them. Well, this is done just like when you have healthy teeth. Always ensure that you brush and floss your teeth daily. You are to visit the dentist regularly in the month to have a checkup. This guarantees durability.

  • Some of the things that you shouldn’t do include
  • Biting on hard objects such as candy or ice
  • Opening bottles with your teeth
  • Using the same toothbrush for over three months
  • Taking tobacco products
  • Playing sports without a mouthguard


  • Choosing a dentist

We are confident that you want a smile that will look natural even when you have the veneer. Their appearance depends on the practitioner you choose to do this procedure.  You have a dentist whom you go to for checkups or when you need something to be done.

Well, this that something we are not against, but when it comes to this procedure. We recommend that you opt for a cosmetic dentist. This is because there are specialized and experience in this field.

It can be hard to come by such highly skilled hands, hence use your phone or laptops to Google on cosmetic dentistry. Here you will find a couple of photos that show their work. Also, their client’s reviews at the websites help in determining their quality.

Nothing should be left to chance, therefore seek a second opinion from individuals who have used similar services. Ask the real patients, what their experience was before and after using their services was. This helps in making an informed decision in the long run.

Cost of Dental Veneers

In the world, today, budgeting is an important feature that one has to consider before seeking such procedures. You need to plan earlier to ensure the procedure is pocket-friendly. What you should have in mind is that the price of the process varies from one state to another.

For example, the cost of the process in the USA is $1,000 to $2,000 per tooth. In the UK it would cost you £ 700 to £ 400. Just to name a few states.

Hence, research before settling for a particular dentist. There are different persons in this field whose prices vary in the market. Find out who is offering quality work and at what price? Have a list of three to five practitioners and check their prices. This helps in selecting the right cosmetic dentist who is within your budget reach.

We, also, advise that you check if your insurance company covers this procedure in their policies. This helps in reducing the cost implications saving you from a huge dental bill.

  • Replacing

Everything has a life span, and when it does reach its limit, you have to replace the veneers. When the veneers wear out, it has to be replaced without thinking twice about it. The life span of the brand is ten years, and when taken care of it can last for 20 years. Here are some signs you should look out for

  • Experiencing pain after the installation. This shows that the veneers were placed incorrectly. The dental veneer has to fit perfectly to avoid such discomfort. Therefore if you are experiencing this pain, we recommend that you see a dentist as soon as possible.


  • The Separation of the veneers from the gum is a sign that you need replacement. This happens because of not taking care of them. Just like regular teeth, you have to improve your dental hygiene. If such happens, you are to see the professional replace them.


  • The Decaying of the teeth underneath. If the teeth supporting the product decay, you will be forced to correct it.
  • When the veneer cracks or gets chipped, it is a sign to book an appointment with the dentist.
  • Pros and cons of using the Dental Veneers

There is always a positive and a negative side. What you have to do is find a balance to see if the procedure is worth undergoing. Are you doing these modifications to impress a person or yourself? This is a question you need to ask yourself. Once you have the answer you can proceed.

Here are the pros and cons of the procedure to help in finding a balance and making your decision.


  • They give you a natural look despite them being artificial. It corrects the crooked, chipped, angled, and stained teeth to bring out a perfect smile.
  • You can select the color of the veneers and make the stained teeth look whiter. You are also given a chance to dictate how the veneers are to look and even shaped.
  • Though the veneers require a small part of the enamel to be removed, it retains more of the natural tooth compared to crowns.
  • They are stain-resistant.
  • There are different packages that you can choose from and still fit your budget.
  • It is prepared in a faster process compared to the crown, and within a few weeks, you will have them on.


  • The procedure is costly compared to the composite resin bonding.
  • Your teeth may become more sensitive to hot and cold food or even drinks due to the removal of the enamel.
  • The veneers come with their color, not similar to the teeth. Therefore you will have to whiten your teeth before the product is fitted. This makes it an expensive procedure. It is vital to note that the color of the veneer cannot be changed once it is installed.
  • Once fitted, you have to be careful with what you chew and even bite on. This because the veneers can dislodge and break, thereby incurring more cost.
  • The veneers are not suitable for people who have unhealthy teeth or those who have an inadequate amount of enamel. The process for the popular porcelain veneers is not reversible. This is because the paint is worn out during the procedure. You have to use the product for the rest of your life.
  • Even after fitting them you still need to book dental appointments for a checkup.




dental veneers before and after




We all deserve to smile at some point, regardless of how our teeth are. Therefore to restore this smile upon your face, we suggest that you undergo the veneers procedure. It will not only lift your spirit but make the teeth look healthier and perfect.

It’s hard to tell if there are artificial or natural once they are fitted. The product comes in different packages that you can choose from and be assured that the result will be perfect.

What we are advising is that you seek services from a qualified practitioner. Many quacks pose around to have specialized in cosmetic dentistry but they haven’t. To avoid such summers who are after money and not your wellbeing.

Research thoroughly about the dentist, before seeking their services. You should be aware that the law is not as strict on cosmetic dentistry as that of the actual practice. Therefore be careful before subscribing to a service.  Quality work will give you a million-dollar smile and boost your confidence at work or with your social life.


Dental veneers Before And After

dental veneers before and after


dental veneers before and after

dental veneers before and after


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