DentiCalc is a dental app, which creates a new dimension of dentistry. It is an amazing app for dentists for the modern era. DentiCalc provides you with a dental calculator that you can use to give prices to your patients for their dental procedures during the very first consultations, and that would take just a few seconds.

Whether the treatment is simple or complex; It is not at all a problem for DentiCalc. This app is a new friend to dentists and a helper to their patients.

AD1 DentiCalc Dental app for dentists

Calculation and Treatment

Most of the patients on their first visit to the dentist always question how much their treatment is going to cost them? That has always been a very hard question for dentists to answer, but not anymore! With the help of DentiCalc, the patients now can know about the total expenses of their dental treatment on their very first consultation.

DentiCalc is basically a dental calculator which helps dentists to calculate the total cost of the dental procedures that the patients have to bear. This dental calculator, within seconds, answers the question that was a nightmare for all the dentists before.

With DentiCalc, the calculations are easier. If you are tired of patients bombarding you with this question, it’s time you download the DentiCalc app!

Where to get the app from?

DentiCalc app is available on the Google Play store. Just log in, type DentiCalc in the search bar, click Download App, and you are ready to go!

Why DentiCalc App?

DentiCalc app makes it easier for the dentists to calculate the total cost of the treatments on the very first meeting with the patients. It makes the first consultation between the dentist and the patient very efficient. With just a tap, the biggest questions for a dentist are answered!

How does it work?

All it needs, to begin with, is data entry. The data is entered, the app processes it, the calculator calculates it, and a preliminary price for the treatment is provided for the patient. That’s not it! The app also suggests treatments that are shown to the patients through 3D animations, and they know where the problem is situated at, how it can be solved and how much it would cost to treat it.

The treatment can be presented to the patient with the help of personalized 3D animations that show the process step by step, starting from the initial status of the patient to how it has to be treated.

This app makes it so easy for the patients to have all the information first hand so that they can make their decision regarding the treatment as quickly as possible.

Where to get the app from?

It’s available on the Google Play Store and App Store

Features of DentiCalc

  • Suggests treatments
  • Quick price calculation
  • 3D illustrations and animations
  • Easier consultation
  • User friendly
  • Provides tutorials

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can DentiCalc be downloaded?
    DentiCalc is available on Google Play store and can be easily downloaded from there.
  • Can this application be downloaded on the PC?
    No, DentiCalc is only available on devices that are powered by Android or iOS, such as smartphones and tablets.
  • How many languages is the app available in?
    Currently, the app is available in 33 languages.
  • Does the app work offline?
    No, the illustrations and animations can not be played again in offline mode.
  • Can a saved calculation be edited later?
    Yes, they can be edited.

About the team 

The professionals who created the DentiCalc app are experts in their field of work. They have been working for many years in the field of dentistry and have achieved amazing goals.

They created this app to help the dentists answer the questions their patients ask them usually and to provide quicker and most authentic information regarding their treatments.

This app is made to facilitate the dentists. If you are a dentist, this app is ready to be your new friend and companion at work.


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