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Dentures are artificial, custom-made teeth and gums that can replace your missing teeth and gums. It is totally removable and you can remove it from your mouth whenever. The denture can recover your smile without any doubt. Our modern technology is very advance, so everything is possible. New dentures are totally different and more advanced than old school era. It looks more natural and feels exactly the same as natural teeth.

Types of Dentures

There are some types of dentures. But here we are going to talk about a few important types of dentures. These are:-

Partial Denture

The partial dentures are the replacement of your teeth which connected with a gum-colored plastic. Sometimes, it holds the dentures in your mouth. It is totally removable. When one or more natural teeth remain on your upper jaw, partial dentures take place. A crown or cap places on the other side of teeth and attaches the artificial teeth with them. Not only the partial denture replace our teeth, but also it helps to keep our teeth in the right position.

Conventional Denture

This is also a removable denture. When your remaining teeth are removed and the tissue get healed then, you can do conventional denture. It will take a few months to heal it properly.

Immediate Denture

When your remaining teeth are removed, the immediate denture is inserted. Your dentist may take some measurement of your jaw and gum to make an artificial jaw model. Once the jaw finished its healing, the denture needs to be relined or remade.

How are the Dentures Made?

Usually, the old school dentures contained porcelain or plastic. But, now today is all about modern technology and invention. The modern dentures are made out of hard resin. The dentures hold the artificial teeth in its position. This more flexible than natural teeth.

How Long Do I have to Wait to Get Dentures?

After removing your teeth, you have to wait for four or five weeks for a complete denture. When your mouth heals, your dentist will take some measurements of your jaw and teeth to make artificial dentures.

Why Do We Put Dentures?

If you have missing teeth, dentures play an important role here. There are several reasons to wear dentures. Such as,:-

• It helps to make a structure of our mouth by supporting the jaw and surroundings.

• Dentures help to eat food. It helps to chew and grind the food particles and helps to make the complex food into a simple form.
• It is the most important solution to replace your missing teeth. Thus, it maintains oral hygiene.
• Dentures also help to improve our self-consciousness. It also provides a beautiful smile and a strong appearance as well.
These are the main reasons to wear dentures and make our life beautiful.

How to Clean a Denture?

You have to clean your dentures like your natural teeth. Otherwise, if you don’t wash your dentures properly, bacteria and other food particles will produce a “plaque” on your teeth. The plaque is a thin layer of bacteria and food particles. You have to go through these processes.
•First, you have to take them out from your mouth to clean the dentures.
•Then you should wash them properly with clean water by brush. Remember, always use a soft toothbrush to clean them. You can use mild soap also.
•Don’t use any harsh toothbrushes or any regular toothpaste. Otherwise, it will damage your gums and dentures.
• Make sure to clean your gums and any natural teeth as well with a soft toothbrush.

Can You Sleep with Your Dentures?

Yes, you can sleep with your dentures, when you get used to your dentures and feel comfortable enough that you can sleep with them. But it will be better not to wear your dentures at night. It will be healthier for you.

How to Preserve Your Dentures?

  • You should always remove your dentures before sleep. Otherwise, it will damage and dislocate.
  • Always use mild warm water to submerge your denture to keep them soaked. Don’t use hot water.

Are dentures painful?

In the first few weeks, you might feel pain and discomfort with it. But, it is totally normal. You may feel friction between your dentures and gum or it doesn’t fit well. You don’t need to worry about this, because day by day you will use to with it.

How much does it cost to get dentures?

It depends on many factors, like how many teeth to be removed, or for full set dentures( upper and lower teeth). The total cost of dentures is $1000-$5000. If you will go to a standard dentist, it will be costly. The average price of the denture is around $2500

Benefits of Denture

Dentures are useful because of restoring your facial look and aesthetically enhanced appearance to your overall personality. Though, these are not as comfortable in chewing or grinding as your natural teeth are but still these help a lot in eating.

How To Take Care of Dentures?

You need to keep your dentures clean so that no stains are formed on the surface to make them look dirty. Full dentures when removed should be soaked in the denture’s water or in normal plain water or else these can get damaged.

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