Bad Breath When We Wake Up

It is very common to wake up and have bad breath but in other cases, the smell can be very strong also know as Halitosis, has been fighting for a long time with this evil. You could say that bad breath was the starting motor to make a man more creative making them year after year to invent new things to combat halitosis.

However, in certain people this problem can reach certain levels of severity for certain causes although oral hygiene is essential to combat halitosis, it is true that there are some diseases associated with the digestive system as well as dental problems that can be Because of the hygiene that the person has this smell is persistent and intense requires the intervention of the specialists in the odontology. So, what causes bad breath in the morning?

Different scientific investigations around the world claim that there may be several causes that cause halitosis or bad morning breath. Among the three most recurrent factors are:

1. Lack of saliva: Dry mouth, either by taking medication, dehydration or respiratory diseases, causes bad breath.

2. Diseases: Some diseases such as diabetes, poor liver function or kidney failure may be responsible for having a dragon breath in the morning. Go to the doctor.

3. Lack of oral hygiene: Remember that one of the main evil

Why does halitosis or bad breath occur?

The moment we sleep, our metabolic activity becomes slower, so it is advisable to eat shortly before going to sleep. One of these processes is the production of saliva by the glands responsible for it found in the mouth. Saliva is an effective bactericide thanks to the presence of enzymes and other proteins with defensive activity, which prevents the excessive proliferation of certain decomposing bacteria in the mouth. By decreasing the production of saliva, these bacteria, which develop at an extraordinary speed, proliferate, metabolize and ferment the remains of foods that, inevitably, remain in the most intricate sites of our teeth, where the brush barely acts directly, causing the emanation of unpleasant odors if we do not brush our teeth, it would be even worse!

Do you know why we have bad breath when we wake up

Something is clear, certain foods such as condiments, as well as alcohol and tobacco can significantly intensify bad breath, especially these last two, which are also harmful to health.

Luckily, the bad breath of the morning is usually easily eliminated with proper brushing and an adequate breakfast, which returns hygiene and functionality to the entire system, producing enough saliva to return to our normal breathing, which should accompany us throughout the entire day, until we leave. Go back to bed and repeat the cycle.

The tongue serves as a great help to eliminate halitosis. When we sleep, with its continuous movement, we clean the inside of our cheeks and the surface of the teeth and molars, distributing, in turn, the saliva throughout the oral area. Therefore, it continuously removes the bacterial layer preventing its accelerated growth. When we sleep, our tongue also rests considerably compared to when we are awake, giving microorganisms the opportunity to settle and proliferate.

How to avoid having bad breath when you wake up?

It is recommended that before going to sleep consume fruits, avoid drinking yogurt, milk or cheese because these generate the gases and the halitosis when waking, avoid frying because this produces the irritation of the liver also generating halitosis.

Secrets that worked for me to wake up without bad breath. (choose any of these options before sleeping)

  • Brush your teeth. (you rinse your mouth up to 6 times with water when finished)
  • Use the dental floss
  • Drink half a glass of lemon juice.
  • Gargle with water and salt.
  • Eat a raw, well-washed carrot or you can use mouthwash.


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