Dry socket and How long does Dry socket last

How long does Dry socket last

A dry socket is a painful dental condition, it can happen when you removed your adult permanent tooth. A dental socket is a condition where a blood clot fails to form.  When you remove your permanent teeth and the blood clot fails to form it can happen to die for many reasons like the blood clot dislodges or it dissolves before the wound has properly healed.

Normally when you take out the tooth the blood clot is formed at the point of extraction of the tooth. In this place, the blood cloth serves as the protective layer over the nerves and the bones which are visible or get naked from the extraction of the tooth. This blood clot also provides the base for the new bone that will form over that point of extraction. Blood clots also become a point of development for new soft tissue.

Dry socket can lead to intense pain, this happens due to exposure of nerves and underlying bones being naked. Food dribs and also get caught in the point of extraction, if it does that it can lead to intense pain. Normally the pain due to dry socket starts after two to three days when the tooth is removed.

Dry socket is also one of the most common complaints when an adult permanent tooth is removed from your mouth. This happens when third moral teeth or also known as wisdom teeth are removed from your mouth.

Symptoms of Dry Socket

The symptoms are pretty clear, here are symptoms of dry sockets

  • You will feel server pain a few days after the removal of the tooth.
  • Total or Partial loss of blood clot forms the point of extraction of the tooth
  • Unpleasant taste in your mouth
  • Bad Breath
  • The underlying bone and nerves can be seen from the point of extraction.
  • Server pain can lead from your mouth to ear, neck, or even eye.


If you are feeling too much unbearable pain I will recommend you to go and see your doctor as soon as possible.


How long does Dry socket last


Risk Factors

After the extraction of your adult permanent tooth following can be the risk factor which and lead to dry sockets

  • Smoking is one of the biggest factors which can lead to dry socket. Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that can prevent the forming of the blood clot on the point of extraction. These chemicals can also slow down the healing process of your body. Also, the act of cigarettes can lead to the deformation of blood clots.


  • The healing process can also be damaged by High estrogen levels from oral contraceptives, and it can lead to dry sockets


  • After removal of your adult tooth, your dentist will advise you to follow some guidelines and if you take care and don’t follow these guidelines then it can also lead to a dry socket.


  • If you have formed a dry socket in past on extraction of your adult teeth then there are chances that it can happen again.


  • If you have any kind of tooth or gum infection then it can also lead to dry sockets, as the infection will not let blood clot to form


These are some of the risk factors which can increase the chances of dry socket. If you are a smoker then I would recommend you to not smoke at least for a couple of weeks after the extraction of your adult tooth.

How long Dry socket last?

If you have a dry socket then it will not heal on its own. You need to go back to your dentist to take care of the dry socket. When you will go back to your dentist then the dentist will clean the wound and he will apply some medication that will help to relieve some pain. After that he/she will replace the gauze and tell you some instructions which you have to follow.

This instruction consists of what you can eat and what you can’t also consist of mouthwash, antibiotics, or prescription pain medication. If you have not followed the instruction for the first time then you have to this time. As, if you don’t then it would become really difficult to treat dry socket.

After the visit to your dentist, it will take at least two to three days to heal. In this time follow all the instructions that are given by your dentist.


The prevention of dry socket is really simple. The first step is to follow all the instructions that are given by your dentist. And the second step is to keep away from all the risk factors of dry sockets. Some of the risk factors of dry sockets are stated above in the article. If you will not follow the instruction then the chances are pretty high that you will end up with a dry socket.

If you are a smoker that you have to stop smoking for at least a few weeks after the extraction of your tooth. This is because one of the main reasons due to which dry sockets appear is smoking. So, staying away from it will be a big deal.


A dry socket is a condition in which the blood clot is not formed after the extraction of an adult permanent tooth. This can happen due to many reasons and it can’t be healed by itself. For its treatment, you have to visit your dentist again. The reason for dry socket and how to prevent is stated above in the article you can read them out there.


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