From Dentistry to Nursing: Five Medical Related Careers to Consider

Five Dental Related Careers to Consider

So, you’ve decided that entering the world of medicine and health is the route for you. What next? There are a great number of options for you to take and discovering which one suits you best can be a challenge. Here are some great medical-centered careers and what they entail to see if they are right for you.

1: Dentistry

Becoming a dentist is a steep climb. It takes many years of education, but the rewards of the career can be huge. Providing patients with great oral health massively impacts their overall health and confidence, which is an extremely rewarding gift to give.

Dentist at work

A great reason to become a dentist is that you will have the opportunity to become your own boss and open up your dental clinic. Working for yourself and setting up your own business is a brilliant incentive to learning the science of oral hygiene. Even if you don’t fancy doing that, there is always a demand for dentists at already established dentists.

To become a dentist, you will need to complete dentist school, and this involves a minimum of four years to complete a DDS/DMD program. If you decide to study additional specialties, like orthodontics, extra years will be added on top of that. Time, therefore, is a crucial aspect to factor into whether or not becoming a dentist is right for you. Being a dentist is a rewarding career, but it can take many years to get there. If you are motivated, focused, and have a passion for dentistry, it will be well worth it in the end.

Five Dental Related Careers to Consider

If you like the idea of working in the oral health field, but you’re not sure you want to spend so many years in education before working in a dentist, then becoming a dental hygienist may be the route for you. You will still need to obtain a degree associated with the medical field, but you won’t be required to attend dental school.

Working as a dental hygienist involves working alongside a dentist and performing tasks such as teeth cleaning and performing x-rays. If you think this is where your career lies, there are plenty of courses you can take to help you on your way to your job in a dentist.

2: Surgeon

Becoming a surgeon, as you can imagine, is not an easy feat. There is a lot of work, education, and talent is needed before stepping into the operating room.

First, you will need a bachelor’s degree in Pre-Med (preferably with excellent grades). Then, you must get into medical school after taking the MCAT exam, and once you’re in, you must excel as a student there. Once all those years of education are complete, you would then confirm your specialty as a surgical professional and begin your training from there.

Dental Nurse

All of this requirement means it takes some serious thought before deciding to embark on the long journey of becoming a surgeon. Consider carefully if this is the option for you. Being a surgeon is not all about performing on patients; many of your hours would be spent in your office and consulting with patients. There is an intense emotional aspect to this job, also, as you will have a great amount of responsibility on your back and may find yourself in a situation where a person may pass away.

It takes a special kind of person to excel in a career as a surgeon, but if you know you would be brilliant at it, then it would be a wonderful career where you could save the lives of many.

3: Pediatric Nurse

If you desire a medical career where you work with children, then becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner might be the perfect job for you.

As a pediatric nurse, you would be diagnosing and treating childhood illnesses, so deep sensitivity and patience are musts. You would also have the option to specialize in different areas, so if you have a particular interest in one part of nursing, then you could follow that.

Pediatric Nurse

To become a pediatric nurse, you must first hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or an associate degree. Baylor University is a brilliant institution that offers acute care nurse practitioner programs that you can study online. So, if the idea of working with and helping children who are sick sounds like your perfect career, studying online to be a pediatric nurse can help you get there.

4: Midwifery

The gift of helping a woman give birth is truly a spectacular one. Being a midwife is an incredibly rewarding job, and you will be going home at the end of the day, knowing you brought life into this world.


To become a midwife, you must earn a master’s degree in Nurse-Midwifery after your Bachelor’s. After this, there are certain certificates and licenses you must apply for, on top of three years in a nurse-midwife program. This is a reasonably lengthy process, but the result can be a wonderful career delivering babies.

There is also the emotional aspect to consider regarding midwifery; unfortunately, not all births go according to plan. You would need to be able to deal with such unfortunate circumstances. This will be something you need to consider before deciding to start your journey to becoming a midwife.

5: Dietician

Are you somebody who likes to keep healthy? Maybe you have a special interest in nutrition and the effects of certain foods on the body? Being a dietician may then be a great career for you.

Being a dietician requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in nutrition or a subject similar. This education is essential to the knowledge and understanding of diet and nutrition, so you can give the best advice to others.


As a dietician, you will be helping people figure out the best way they can help their bodies with diet, which can dramatically alter people’s lives for the better. There is also constant new research when it comes to nutrition, so it will be a career where you never stop learning.

There are, of course, many more areas and specialized medical fields than the ones covered here. Hopefully, however, this can give you a wide indication of what it is you might want to pursue in terms of a medical career. Being a medical professional is an exceptional choice of career, and you can get there, it will just take education, passion, and, some may say most importantly, empathy.


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