How long do Dental crowns Last on Front Teeth?

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How long do crowns last on front teeth?

What is a tooth crown?

Tooth crowns are caps that are tooth-shaped. These are inserted in order to protect your teeth from degradation or to improve its appearance. These caps are inserted by the dentist over the existent tooth. Most of the dentists suggest these crowns for a cracked tooth. These crown caps are also used for the tooth that is discolored or damaged. Even for the failed filling or dental implants, crown caps work as a substitute in these situations. It’s a great remedy for a problematic tooth. Tooth crowns are one of those services that are provided by 90% of the dentists in the global market. It is because this remedy is less expensive when compared to others and is also more reliable.

Is there any difference between front teeth crowns and others?

In most of the cases, dentists recommend porcelain crown that is fused to metal, for the molars. Whereas for the front teeth, naturally colored ceramic crown caps are used. This is most popular as well as the most reliable choice for the front teeth. It is because these front tooth crown doesn’t have any negative effect on your smile or face look. Front teeth are exposed to less pressure in the process of chewing as compared to molars. Crowns that are made up of porcelain are popularly recommended by every dentist for the front tooth. It is due to the material that has the power to reflect the light, the way natural enamel does. Another difference is that porcelain color has a tendency to match your neighboring teeth. Some of the dental crown caps can be made at a single visit to the dentist.

How long does the dental crowns last on front teeth?

There is no specific time for dental crowns to stay. However, the average lifespan of these dental crowns on the front tooth is 15 years. But some of them also stay for a much longer time of thirty years. It depends on the care you give to your crown as well as how properly you are wearing it and protecting it from being teared up. One should follow the instructions strictly and carefully that are given by the dentist. If you cared for the crown cap properly then they can even last for a lifetime which is actually a really good thing for patients. But according to some of the companies, crown caps should last for five years at least. After five years, if you go for a replacement then maybe insurance companies with the dental cover will pay for it. Every patient of dental cover should understand that dental crowns can be fractured and exposed to cavities. For this reason, it is really important to floss and brush carefully around the dental crowned teeth in order to prevent it from any damage and from the replacement. Thus, one must carefully follow the dental care instructions.

It is suggested that mouthguard should be placed in the mouth when veneers or ceramic crown caps are placed. It is because mouth guards protect the crown of porcelain from fracture and to make it stay for a much longer time. According to research by professionals, the dental crown of front teeth has an average lifespan of 94% in the first five years and almost 90% in the next ten years.

Reasons for the replacement of crown of front tooth:

The major reason for the crown cap is the damage or fracture. One who wears the crown should avoid biting the hard food or chew the big bites. If you chew food with force or you have a habit of tooth grinding, then you are definitely harming your dental crown. It also depends on how much you keep your teeth away from dental plaque. Dental crowns never fail by themselves, but patients fail it by their carelessness as porcelain never decay.

dental implant with crown


The appearance of front tooth crown:

When you visit the dentist, they make sure the color of your natural teeth matches the natural colored crown so that it won’t look odd or out of place. If your teeth need to be whitened, then make sure to clean and white it before the installation of the crown cap. According to the dental association if you don’t whiten your teeth before the crown setup then it will look darker than the rest of the teeth as crown caps are resistant to whitening.



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